Subject: what is this bug?
Location: west central wisconsin
May 31, 2013 4:29 am
My son found this crawling up his garage wall. He said it was about 4 inches long, with many legs, and a very sturdy body. It resembles the pictures of the water Tigers but has many more legs. They just moved into this place which is right next to a river in west central Wisconsin and they’re curious to know if they’re going to be seeing more of these kind of bugs.
Signature: bug identification



Congratulations on being introduced to a Hellgrammite.  These semiaquatic nymphs are usually found not far from water, so the river you mentioned is most likely its origin.  Hellgrammites eventually metamorphose into fearsome looking, but perfectly harmless Dobsonflies.

Location: Wisconsin

2 Responses to Hellgrammite

  1. these things creep me out something fierce

  2. My skin crawls just looking at this thing. The only way I’d get a picture like that is if I had a 100x zoom on my camera! What it changes into is even creepier! Thanks for creeping me out for the day!

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