Subject: They’re Everywhere!
Location: Holden Beach, NC
May 25, 2013 5:08 pm
These bugs are on our porch railings, lined up in a conga line. Touch them and they fly away!
They form lines or groups. Birds seem to ignore them.
Signature: Tom on the Beach

Lablab Bug

Lablab Bug

Dear Tom on the Beach,
This invasive, exotic species is a recently introduced True Bug from China known as the Lablab Bug, Kudzu Bug or Bean Plataspid,
Megacopta cribraria.  It is a known pest on several crops including soybeans and its one benefit is that it feeds on another invasive species, Kudzu.  See the University of Georgia article entitled Megacopta cribraria as a Nuisance Pest for more information.

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Location: Holden Beach, North Carolina

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