Subject: Southern Oregon Bug
Location: Southern Oregon
May 20, 2013 8:58 pm
We found this bug while playing in Lost Creek. It acts like it wants to sting with its tail and bite. Should we avoid this creek and bug? Thanks in advance..
Signature: Jerrod

Dragonfly Naiad

Dragonfly Naiad

Dear Jerrod,
This is the aquatic larva of a Dragonfly, known, like other aquatic larvae of flying insects, as a Naiad.
  It will not sting and it will most likely not bite.  I has a highly specialized hinged mouth that expands and shoots out to snare prey while the naiad waits well camoflauged among the plants and aquatic debris.  Each species of Dragonfly, and there are many, has a distinctive looking Naiad, but alas we do not have the necessary skills to quickly identify your Naiad to the species level.

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Location: Oregon

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  1. Also known as Water Tigers (in Northern California, at any rate), they are swift death to baby/small fish. Beware the camouflaged water tiger, hitchhiking into your tank on pond plants!

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