Subject: Mystery Chubby Yellow and Green Caterpillar on Oak
Location: Southern Illinois
May 16, 2013 4:39 pm
I’m usually pretty good at larger and cuter caterpillar identification, but I’m stuck on this one. It is pretty early in the season, only been decent caterpillar-growing weather for the last two weeks or so. About an inch long on an oak tree. Suspect he has some more growing to do.
Signature: -Bert

Copper Underwing Caterpillar

Copper Underwing Caterpillar

Hi Bert,
We found a nearly identical image posted to BugGuide where this is identified as a Copper Underwing Caterpillar,
Amphipyra pyramidoides.  The caterpillar is also called a Humped Green Fruitworm or Pyramidal Fruitworm, and BugGuide indicates:  “larvae are general feeders on leaves of many broadleaf trees and shrubs, including apple, basswood, hawthorn, maple, oak, walnut, raspberry, grape, greenbrier.”  Despite the name, this is not a true Underwing Moth which are in the genus Catocala.

Thanks very much. I thought it was much younger than it was, turns out they overwinter as eggs, so they get quite a jump on spring, and that one was nearly full-sized. Somewhat disappointed to see the adults are not very eye catching.

Location: Illinois

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