Subject: mystery blue bug
Location: tiverton, rhode island
May 16, 2013 6:31 am
Saw this bug on my deck on tuesday, may 14 and went to get my camera. When i returned it was gone. Saw it again Wednesday, may 15 in a small garden on the rough mulch dead. Perhaps came in on a southerly from some place tropical?
Signature: nature girl

Six Spotted Tiger Beetle

Six Spotted Tiger Beetle

Dear Nature Girl,
The predatory Six Spotted Tiger Beetle,
Cicindela sexguttata, is native to Rhode Island, and Bugguide reports sightings in all states east of Texas.  This beautiful beetle runs quite fast and is also capable of flying.

wow! very exciting! thank you! bummer he is now deceased…..will watch for more

Location: Tiverton, Rhode Island

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