Subject: What is this bug ? They’re everywhere !
Location: Kennesaw Georgia
May 15, 2013 2:29 pm
This bug has been flyin around . & they’re about the size of a lady bug, look just like tick, & they fly . There are about 15 o them flying around on my deck ! Are these harmful or just bugs ?
Signature: Devin Reilly

Lablab Bug

Lablab Bug

Hi Devin,
This is a Lablab Bug, Bean Plataspid or Kudzu Bug, 
Megacopta cribraria, and the bad news is that it is a recently introduced, invasive, exotic species that feeds on soybeans.  The good news is that it also feeds on kudzu, another invasive exotic species of plant that has infested much of the south.  The Atlanta Journal Constitution ran an article on the Lablab Bug back in 2009.

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Location: Kennesaw, Georgia

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