Subject: vietnam square shaped orange and grey with white stripe
Location: Thanh Hoa, Vietnam
May 6, 2013 4:02 pm
I have no idea what this is. I was told to ”be careful of this bug” but my Vietnamese friends can be overly cautious. I would love to know a little about it as I have never seen anything like it.
Signature: Kate

Lychee Stink Bug Nymph

Lychee Stink Bug Nymph

Dear Kate,
We suspected from your subject line that you were submitting a photograph of a Stink Bug or Shield Bug nymph in the family Tessaratomidae and we were correct.  In an attempt to identify your species, we did a search and the first visual match was called a Litchi Stink Bug and we found it on FlickR.  We then located an alternate spelling of the Lychee Stink Bug also on FlickR.  We found a more credible identification as
 Tessaratoma papillosa on the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department of Hong Kong website.  We also found a notice that they are roasted and eaten in Thailand in Edible Insects and Associated Food Habits in Thailand by Yupa Hanboonsong.

Location: Viet Nam

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