Subject: Bug in Tega Cay, SC
Location: Upstate South Carolina
April 26, 2013 3:48 pm
We have a large abundance of these small ladybug sized bugs in our yard. They came out about 10 days ago and there are 100’s in our yard. Areas appear black or dotted there are so many of them. One photo is a close-up of the bug, the other is how they are scattered on the house. Can you help identify and provide some information?
Signature: Tega Cay, SC

Lablab Bug lays eggs

Kudzu Bug lays eggs

This is a Bean Plataspid or Globular Stink Bug, Megacopta cribraria, which is also called a Lablab Bug.  We don’t know the origin of the name Lablab Bug, but we are amused by it and that is our common name of choice for this Invasive Exotic Species.  We first received a report from Georgia in 2011 of this species and learned that it was first discovered in North America in 2009.  Since that time it has spread through the south.  It feeds on another invasive species, the Kudzu, and according to BugGuide, which is now using Kudzu Bug as the common name of choice, it is:  “the only member of its family reported from the Western Hemisphere.”  BugGuide also notes:  “may invade homes in large numbers and become a household pest; highly invasive species of mixed impact: it seems to prefer kudzu (a highly invasive and damaging plant), but can also become a serious pest of leguminous crops.”  We have received numerous reports of Home Invasions.

Kudzu Bugs

Kudzu Bugs

Comment from Ted
Subject: LabLab Bug
April 27, 2013 4:18 pm
You stated you were amused by the name LabLab. I occasionally grow a beautiful asian bean that goes by the name of hyacinth bean or LabLab. I  would strongly suspect this is the origin of the nickname. By the way- LabLab is particularly striking when grown together with blue Morning Glories here in Chicago.  Love your site and always will even if my contributions never find their way to the web page! Your Always Faithful Reader, Ted
Signature: Ted

Thanks for the informative comment.  We are troubled to learn that you have submitted identification requests or other potential website content and we haven’t ever posted anything.  Much of the selection process is luck, but a catchy subject line generally gets our attention as well.

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Location: Tega Cay, South Carolina

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