Subject: Bug ID
Location: USA, Central CA, 4,000’ elev.
April 22, 2013 7:37 pm
This flying Bottlebrush is fast and acrobatic. Keeps tripping my night security camera. I wanted to see if the lynx was coming around, but this critter keeps turning the ’record’ on the camera all night. It doesn’t seem to have any head, just a thin rod-like ’body’ with many circular rows of bristle-like ’wings’. I turned the red LED’s off on the camera to see if that will stop him. I do have recorded video of him zipping around, if that would help. I’ve never seen or heard about anything like this in this area; however, the insects at this elevation are quite unique to me. The photos are with infrared illumination.
Signature: Tom

Bug in Flight

Bug in Flight

Dear Tom,
We believe this is a moth or some other nocturnal insect.  We also believe the slow shutter speed has captured its movement rather than accurately recording its shape.  What you are viewing is several flaps of the wings as the insect moves forward.  We would suggest a net if you want a more accurate identity.

Flying Insect

Nocturnal Flying Insect


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Location: california

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