Subject: Curious what this bug is
Location: North Central Pennsylvania
April 15, 2013 9:42 am
I have a friend trying to identify this bug and have looked all around and cant seem to figure out what it is. Can you help?
Signature: Eric



Hi Eric,
This is a Giant Water Bug or Toe-Biter.

Location: Pennsylvania

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  1. Interesting that around the globe April is the season for “toe biters” or “giant water beetles” are they more active when its wet- ie being attracted to lights on land than say in the dry? I would love to know…

  2. aussietrev says:

    Hey guys,
    have you thought about putting a small picture strip across the top of the page with say 5 of the most common ID’s like toe biter, mole cricket, luna moth, bed bugs and sesame seeds 🙂
    Might save a lot of enquiries for the same thing over and over.

    • bugman says:

      Hi Trevor,
      Are you joking? We have had a scrolling feature bar on the site for well over a year, but Daniel the webmaster just removed it. He is trying a few changes because we have lost our high google rating recently. Traffic has also dropped and he is trying to figure out why. We get a lot more comments since the mobile compatibility feature, but apparently less traffic.

  3. aussietrev says:

    Only about the sesame seeds. I noticed the scrolling bar was gone but it was linked to current stories. I was thinking more just like a fixed set of images about 40mm square each with the ones that get asked for the most and hyperlinked to a description. Save having to post an ID for them over and over. Don’t know why you would suddenly be getting less traffic, maybe set some meta tags for keywords? Haven’t done any site design for a long time so just a thought.

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