Subject: Chinese Moth
Location: Suzhou, China
April 14, 2013 8:42 pm
Hi Bugman !
We found this beautiful moth in Suzhou, China at a Skateboard park and would love to have it identified. Size is not easy to see from the photograph but wingspan was approximately 12cm.
Thanks for your help !!
Signature: Duncan

Actias felicis, we believe

Actias felicis, we believe

Hi Duncan,
We are rushing to post this and we are not certain if we have the correct species.  This moth looks very much like the North American Luna Moth and we are guessing they belong to the same genus,
Actias.  Kirby Wolfe’s website lists two species in the genus in China, and this looks like Actias felicis.

Hello Daniel,
Thanks very much for your fast reply – my children were very excited to find this moth and it’s great to be able to tell them exactly what it is!!  All the best and keep up the good work with the site. Best Regards

Location: China

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