Subject: What spider is this?
Location: Southern Spain
April 10, 2013 3:42 am
Just curious what this spider is. Although it didn’t look like it was going to tear my face off or lay eggs in my eyes (so I wasn’t too worried), it was slightly different to most spiders I’ve come across, and I was wondering if you knew what it was?
Relatively small, maybe an inch long at most, quite slender, jet black and didn’t seem to be all that good at climbing walls. Very large teeth in comparison to the rest of it’s body.
(Not the best picture, sorry!)
Signature: Scott



Hi Scott,
As you indicated, your photo is quite blurry, but it does reveal some interesting features, including the large pedipalps that indicate this is a male spider.  We believe it might be an Ant Mimic Spider in the family Corinnidae.  We are requesting assistance from Mandy Howe who volunteered to help us with spider identifications.

Mandy Howe identifies Cobweb Spider
Hi Daniel,
The Spain spider with the large palps and constricted abdomen looks a lot like something in the genus Coleosoma, of family Theridiidae.  They’re cobweb spiders that also seem to mimic ants, though only the males look like this. The females of the genus look more like a regular cobweb spider with a bulbous abdomen.
We have some Coleosoma in North America that you can compare images to:
However, to my knowledge, the only species in that genus that might be found in Spain is the cosmopolitan Coleosoma blandum.  If it’s not that species, then I’m not sure what it would be in Spain. It could be some other genus in the same family.  Unfortunately, my experience with spiders found in Spain is somewhat limited.  Based on a checklist of Iberian Spiders (by Cardoso & Morano 2010), I don’t see Coleosoma blandum listed, but it is considered a cosmopolitan species, so I think it can pop up all over the place.
That’s the best I can do just based on the silhouette of the spider, at least. But I’ve showed it to the British Arachnological Society listserv, so I might be able to change/correct that ID if anyone replies.  There are folks on there that are more familiar with Spanish and European spiders.  So stand by and I’ll let you know if/when someone replies. 🙂

Location: Spain

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  1. Mandy says:

    An edit to my original reply: A handful of people on the British Arachnological Society listserv suggest that this spider from Spain is probably a male Cresmatoneta mutinensis that’s just a bit dehydrated/starved and that’s why the abdomen has the constriction. That species was once rare in Spain but is now quite common. Here’s an image of one without dehydration: I suppose it’s up to Scott to let use know if that’s what it looked like, as we can’t see the details in the image.

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