Subject: what the hell is that thing?
Location: south Florida
April 8, 2013 8:14 pm
Well, I live in Homestead, Fl. it is 4/8/13 and I found this thing on my wall. It is hard as it did not squish as I transported it via napkin to the toilet ( and I was not gentle as I transported it). There r lots of farms in this area, lots of humidity and water near my home as well. More than anything I want to know to make sure it will not harm my dog as it eats everything. Thank you for your time in advanced.
Signature: Frank l


Citrus Weevil

Dear Frank,
This is a Weevil, a member of several families of beetles that include many agricultural pests.  We took some additional time and quickly identified the Citrus Weevil or Sugarcane Root Weevil,
Diaprepes abbreviatus.  According to BugGuide, it is native to the Caribbean and it is currently reported in Florida, Texas, Louisiana and California and it is a:  “Major pest of citrus crops: Larvae feed on the roots in the soil, and will often girdle the taproot, which may kill the plant and provide an avenue for Phythophora infections. A single larva can kill young hosts while several larvae can cause serious decline of older, established hosts.”  BugGuide lists the food plants as:  “Acacia, Acer, Albizia, Ambrosia, Amyris, Baccharis, Bauhinia, Brassica, Caesalpinia, Cassia, Celtis, Citrus, Cordia, Crotalaria, Desmodium, Diospyros, Erythrina, Ficus, Guaiacum, Hibiscus, Ilex, Indigofera, Jatropha, Juniperus, Magnolia, Manihot, Mimosa, Montezuma, Myrica, Panicum, Passiflora, Persea, Phaseolus, Phoenix, Piper, Pithcellobium, Pittosporum, Prunus, Psidium, Quercus, Rhizophora, Rhus, Rosa, Roystonea, Rubus, Salix, Schinus, Schrankia, Senna, Sorghum, Ulmus, Zanthoxylum, as well as numerous crops – Texas Dept. Agriculture”  More information can be found on Citrus Pests.

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Location: Florida

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