Subject: Termite or Ant
Location: Cupertino, CA
March 26, 2013 11:43 pm
I find this hard to classify based on guidelines I’ve seen. It has only two bulbous body sections, which would seem to make it a termite, but it has a very slim long body section between the two larger sections. The antenni are curled toward the end, but not sharply bent.
It does not look much like any of the images I have seen online of winged ants or termites.
Signature: –scott



Hi Scott,
This is neither a termite nor an ant.  It is a Snakefly in the order Raphidioptera and you can read more about them on BugGuideSnakeflies look much nicer alive than dead.  We are post
dating your submission to go live next week during our absence from the office.

Location: Cupertino, California

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