Subject: Miniscule Purple Water Bugs Congregation
Location: Palos Verdes, CA
March 20, 2013 5:12 pm
Hi, it’s Darlene, the insect wrangler from last year’s moth night. I found these bugs in January in Palos Verdes, CA at the Forrestal Reserve. It was a chilly and foggy day. They were chillin’ in a depression / hole in a sulfur-covered boulder. They jumped when touched. They were so small that I couldn’t identify any characteristics. Are they water fleas or maybe springtails?
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Hi Darlene,
How nice to hear from you again.  These are most certainly Springtails, and they resemble the individuals from this posting on BugGuide which were found in nearby Torrance.  We are beginning to plan another National Moth Night event and we hope you can join us again.  Stay tuned for details.



Hi Daniel,
Oh, they’re at the marsh. I’ve never seen them there before. I was there yesterday as a docent in training. I live in Torrance. I know the man who took the picture; Emile Fiesler.
Thank you,

Hi Darlene,
We are happy we are able to act as a bug networking source.  Perhaps Emile can show you where he took the photograph and you can see if there are any Springtails there this year.  When conditions are right in a region, insect populations will appear in predictable patterns.


Location: Palos Verdes, California

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