Subject: Correctly identified a millipede on my own? Location: Columbia, TN March 16, 2013 9:11 pm I just wanted to share my favorite critter find of the day today. Found March 16, 2013 in Middle Tennessee in a heavily wooded and mossy area. I believe based on my searching of this site that it is a Sigmoria trimaculata, however, since I am usually wrong in my assumptions, a confirmation would be appreciated. Feel free to share my photo as I did not see very many on here. Thanks for all that you all do! Signature: S Carter

Flatbacked Millipede:  Sigmoria trimaculata

Flatbacked Millipede: Sigmoria trimaculata

Dear S. Carter, We agree with your identification.  Back in 2007, we posted an image of a Flatbacked Millipede that we identified only to the order level of Polydesmida, but a year later, Rowland Shelley of the North Carolina State Museum of Natural Science identified it a Sigmoria trimaculata.  His comment at the time was:  “Most are quite old; don’t people submit new ones more often than this?”  We don’t get images of this interesting Millipede that often, so your photos are a great addition to our archive.

Flatbacked Millipede:  Sigmoria trimaculata

Flatbacked Millipede: Sigmoria trimaculata


Location: Columbia, Tennessee

6 Responses to Flatbacked Millipede

  1. Madison Rose says:

    Hi I was wondering if this bug is rare in certain states I found one and I live in Vermont I have pictures

  2. Lew says:

    I see 1-2 of these critters every morning when I walk my dogs in my neighborhood in Wake Forest NC. They are always in the sidewalk (probably everywhere) but since I’m walking on the sidewalk, that’s where I see them. And I only see them in the morning.
    Again almost EVERY DAY!

  3. JoEllen McBride says:

    I’m finding these outside and inside unfortunately in Dickson,Tn.. appreciate being able to identify through here.

  4. Robb says:

    They fall out of the canopy in Ozone, TN

  5. Nicole Ogden says:

    I am a photographer and I have a great photo of one of these. I took it in Blue Ridge Georgia August 2019. I’ll send it to you if you let me know where.

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