Subject: found in joplin missouri
Location: joplin missouri
March 17, 2013 7:42 am
I found this bug at my house Curious of the species. It eats like a butterfly but is very bee like.
Signature: derek Allphin

Bumblebee Moth

Bumblebee Moth

Dear Derek,
This is one of the diurnal Sphinx Moths in the genus
Hemaris, and we believe it is the Snowberry Clearwing or Bumblebee Moth, Hemaris diffinis.  This is very early in the year for a sighting, and according to BugGuide, the earliest sighting from Missouri is April on the data page.  More information on the Bumblebee Moth can be found on the Sphingidae of the Americas website. 

Location: Joplin, Missouri

4 Responses to Bumblebee Moth

  1. MacKenzie says:

    Just spotted on of these here in NH on July 27 2013. I thought it was a bumblebee that was dead then I realized it was a moth and was feed on the flowers. Pretty cool this moth look like a bumblebee.

  2. Bryan Williams says:

    Spotted this species at the Bristol-Myers Squibb manufacturing plant in Mt. Vernon, Indiana on July 7, 2015

  3. A. Talbot says:

    Thought the cicadia wasp I saw two years ago (thought we had been invaded by killer wasps from Japan) or the Texas Toe Pincher invasion we saw 5 years ago was wild but this little bumblebee moth had me starring for a good 20 minutes to figure out it wasn’t a local bumble bee but a moth in disquise. Too Cool !! Aren’t bugs great!!

  4. Laurie Del Vecchio says:

    I just observed one of these moths on the west slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains, in Northern California. I have never seen one before in these parts.

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