Subject: Yet another ’bug’ from Uganda
Location: Uganda, Albert Basin
March 16, 2013 2:30 am
Hi, there are many of these where I am in Albert Basin.
From browsing I’m assuming its a Longhorn with ’pectinate’ antennae. Curious to know the species name.
Any suggestions welcome.
Signature: Kay

Click Beetle

Click Beetle

Hi Kay,
This is a Click Beetle in the family Elateridae.  We don’t know if we will be able to determine a species identification.  African insects, unless they are species valued by folks who amass collections of “showy” insects for decorative collections, are often very difficult to find information about on the internet.  No Click Beetle on the Beetles of Africa site resemble your beetle, nor do any examples on Afripics.  Some parts of the world have more information available on species, and they tend to be places where natural history is valued, like Japan and Australia.  Here is a Click Beetle with pectinate antennae from Japan, a Click Beetle from Thailand with pectinate antennae and even a Click Beetle from our own Mount Washington Los Angeles offices that we had a very difficult time trying to identify.  Hopefully we our our readers will be able to provide at least a genus level identification.  We would bet that your beetle is a male that uses those impressive antennae to help “sniff out” a mate.

Click Beetle

Click Beetle


Location: Uganda

3 Responses to Click Beetle with pectinate antennae from Uganda

  1. Phan says:

    I found 1 similar to that Click Beetle and I’m in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I took pictures of it and released it.

  2. JuiFan says:

    Hi Kay,
    I studied phylogeny of click beetle in Taiwan.
    The photo you took looks like species belong to genus Oxynopterus in subfamily Oxynopterinae.
    Most of Oxynopterus distributed in SE Asia. Megalorhipis is the only subgenus which distributed in Africa.
    Can you help me to collect some (1-2 individual) for detail research?

    Best wishes,

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