What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Subject: found on apricot branch
Location: La Mesa, CA
March 14, 2013 10:17 pm
These ?eggs were found adherent to a small branch of a baby apricot tree. What are they and will they harm the tree?
Signature: concerned gardner

Katydid Eggs

Katydid Eggs

Dear concerned gardener,
Do not be concerned.  These are Katydid Eggs.  You can verify that by looking at the images on the Missouri Botanical Garden website where it states:  “They do not pose any particular problem for the home gardener, but do feed on shrub and tree foliage.”  We welcome Katydids to our own Mount Washington, Los Angeles gardens.  Though they eat leaves, we do not consider them to be a problem and we like seeing and hearing them.  Many Katydids including Bush Katydids resemble green grasshoppers with really long antennae.

Thanks!!!  You are awesome!

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: La Mesa, California

4 Responses to Katydid Eggs

  1. rbuc says:

    Thanks. I found these on a nandina twig yesterday. Each one had a little hole in it. So, I assume they already have hatched. I thought they might be bird grasshopper eggs because each year we have a few large ones in the yard that like to sun themselves on the walls of the house, and one planter in particular seems to get a lot of those cute little bright green nymphs. Only occasionally will I see those large leaf-winged katydids, especially if the cat catches one! Now I’ll have to research what the nymphs looks like so I can look out for them. I’m in Southern California, too.

  2. Bre says:

    I found these on my clothesline! They look like scales the way that they were layed. So neat! Thank you for the ID!

  3. Trudy Christ says:

    Just found these in my garden. Thank you for posting the picture. It was the only site that had a good picture when I tried to google it.

  4. Carol Foster says:

    Just found a long line of these on a line we put up to trail beans on, in Salt Lake City. Thank you for the info!

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