What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Subject: 100 worms in my condo
Location: mainly kitchen floor
March 12, 2013 9:26 pm
I found worms in my condo ( only hard wood floor) early Feb and have not been able to kill them all. They must got in a while ago beaus they are multiplying. Total I have captured almost 100 worms.
The worm is about 1 cm long. Its shorter than the gaps between the tiles in the kitchen. Mature one are darker brown. The baby are thinner than the hair and around 0.5cm long. Babies are very hard to identify until they start moving.
They hides under the stove, refrigerator and also the gap between the wall board and the floor. Most are on the floor but found few in the kitchen counters. We have use bug spray and bleach at the edges and floor everyday. We also checked the overhead cabinet every day and very surprised to see one. It was not there before and wonder how it climbed to the overhead cabinet.
We have capture a few in a container for more than 2 weeks and they are still alive.
My questions are:
1.where are they coming from. If food, what kind of food? Could it be organic apple?
2.They life cycle so I can estimate how long they have stay in my place.
3.how can I kill them especially the one hiding between the base board and floor? Also how to make sure no more eggs in the house.

Possibly Carpet Beetle Larva

Possibly Carpet Beetle Larva

Dear Amanda,
Your photo is quite blurry, but we believe you have an infestation of Carpet Beetle Larvae, probably in the genus
Attagenus.  Here is a photo from BugGuide for comparison.  The larvae of Carpet Beetles will feed on textiles in the home as well as some stored food products.  Since you are finding them in the kitchen, we would recommend closely inspecting the pantry.  We do not give extermination advice.

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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