Subject: Bunaea….
Location: Ranomafana NP, Madagascar
March 12, 2013 4:39 pm
Can you help me out with this one. Thought this was a Bunaea alcinoe, but there are a lot of Bunaeas and I can’t find photos of all of them. And I don’t know what to look for to separate the different species.
Photo taken October 31, 2011
Signature: Kristian

Bunaea aslauga, we presume

Bunaea aslauga, we presume

Hi Kristian,
According to the World’s Largest Saturniidae Site, there are only two species of
Bunaea found on Madagascar, Bunaea alcinoe and Bunaea aslauga.  We believe your moth looks more like Bunaea aslauga which is pictured on the BugManiac.  We will check with Bill Oehlke to get his opinion on the matter.

Bill Oehlke Confirms Identification
Hi Daniel,
As far as I know Bunaea aslauga is limited to Madagascar, and alcinoe is
limited to the African mainland so this one would be aslauga.
There is supposedly a third species, vulpes, also from Madagacar, but I have
no images of vulpes for comparison. Vulpes is reported from Moramanga,
Madagascar, which is in the northern third of the island country
wWhile aslauga is found in the southern third of Madagascar so I would go
with Bunaea aslauga for this image.
Bill Oehlke

Location: Madagascar

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