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Subject: Caterpiler
Location: Atibaia Sao Paulo Brasil
March 9, 2013 2:03 pm
Eu moro num sitio em Atibaia ha 9 anos e nunca tinha visto esse tipo de lagarto. E BEM grande!
Gostaria de saber o que e? Que tipo de borboleta vai ser etc..
Muito obrigada pela informacao! Parabens pelo site! adorei.
Maria Helena
Signature: Maria Helena

Tetrio Sphinx Caterpillar

Tetrio Sphinx Caterpillar

Dear Maria Helena,
We do not speak Portuguese, and we hope after posting your letter, we will be able to use the translation feature on our website to decipher what you would like to know.  Alas, that did not seem to work since we cannot translate an English site into English, despite part of it being posted in Portuguese.  These are caterpillars of a Tetrio Sphinx, and we especially like the photo of a pair feeding in a plumeria or frangipani tree.

Ed. Note:  Response to our automated response.
Thank you for replying!
If it’s possible to identify the caterpillar it would be great! I understand that it’s not easy with a small group of staff.
Thank you and best regards!
Maria Helena

Tetrio Sphinx Caterpillars in Plumeria

Tetrio Sphinx Caterpillars in Plumeria

Update:  Translation courtesy of Babylon.
I live on a site in Atibaia for 9 years and had never seen this type of lizard. AND AS WELL great! I would like to know what is? What kind of flap will be etc. Thank you very much for the information! Congratulations on your site! I loved it.

I am so sorry! I didn’t know if I should write in Portuguese or English!
Well now I know what these wonderful creatures are!
I am so pleased as I have never seen them before. I thought they were butterflies where in fact they are moths. I live in the middle of a forest and we have one Frangipani tree.
We also have many birds, I am worried that they will be taken by them as they (birds) are quite large. toucans, hawks parrots and parakeets. Is there anything I should do, or just let nature take it’s course?
Anyway, once again thank you so much for replying so quickly!
Best wishes
Maria Helena

According to our friend Julian Donahue, a retired lepidopterist from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, and we are loosely paraphrasing him, the main reason we have bugs is to feed birds.  Letting nature take is course should be just fine unless things are out of balance in your area.

Once again thank you, no all is normal here and I did imagine that I would have to let nature take it’s course.
I hope I will have the chance to see these beautiful creatures when they become moths!
Once again thank you!
Best regards and wishes
Maria Helena

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

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  1. aussietrev says:

    Hi guys,
    If you are using Firefox and have the google translate add on installed just highlight the text on any page and right click and select translate. It gives this
    I live in a place Atibaia ha in 9 years and never seen this kind of lizard. AND WELL great! I wonder what is it? What kind of butterfly will be etc. .. Thank you for the information! Congratulations on the site! I loved it.

    However I think the intended translation might not be “And Well Great”rather “and it is huge” although I have no idea why it comes up as lizard unless they are very similar words in Portuguese.

    The comment section is working fine with my WordPress user ID now, say thanks to the webmaster for me.

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