Subject: Luna Moth
Location: Houston Tx
February 26, 2013 2:58 pm
Here is what I think is the first sighting of this moth this year Houston, TX 2/26/2013
Signature: in blood

Luna Moth

Luna Moth

Dear in blood,
Thank you for sending in a photo of our first reported Luna Moth sighting for 2013.  We always look forward to the beginning of Luna Moth season each year, beginning with the Southern states, generally in February, and moving north until the first sightings from Maine and Canada, usually in late May or early June.


Location: Houston, Texas

3 Responses to First Reported Luna Moth Sighting of 2013

  1. Mary says:

    Tonight I witnesses droves of Luna Moths flying thru my oak tree. I live in northeast Texas. It was most unusual thing seeing so many at one time. Is this rare for so many?

    • bugman says:

      Populations of various insects wane and peak with weather conditions and food. When the conditions are right for eclosion or emergence from the pupa, this might happen “en masse” and this is helpful as the lifespan of an adult Luna Moth is only a few day. Congratulations on your sighting.

  2. DonElla Hartman says:

    saw one over the weekend in Strasburg, VA. beautiful and large!

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