Subject: little sesame seed like things in my bed
Location: NYC
February 21, 2013 7:01 pm
Every morning I wake up and there are about 30-50 of these little sesame seed like objects in my bed. I have read about pets leaving things like that from tapeworms but i do not have pets. I feel fine, no stomach issues and am not getting bitten overnight. I have no idea where these things are coming from.
Signature: BK

Termite Pellets, probably

Termite Pellets, probably

Dear BK,
Though we have identified Sesame Seeds as suspected insects in the past, and despite the lack of clarity in your photograph, we are going to eliminate sesame seeds as suspects in your situation.  We believe you have Termite Pellets, fecal matter containing digested wood.  Depending upon where they are appearing, you may
have a Termite infestation in your walls, beams or possibly even the bed itself.  There may be some helpful information on the Termite Information website.

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