Subject: Giant ?leaf insect from Borneo plus cool spider
Location: Kinabatangan river,Sabah,Borneo
February 20, 2013 7:15 am
I have used your wonderful service before now to help with ID of Borneo insects – hope that you can help with these from Borneo, riverine forest near the Kinabatangan river, found at night.
Signature: Louise


HI Louise,
We do not recognize this spider, but the eye arrangement is nicely represented in the photo and we imagine a spider expert, which we do not have on our staff, might be able to classify it correctly to the family level.  We are posting your photo as unidentified and hopefully in the future, one of our readers might provide a species or family identification.  In the future, please only submit one species per submission unless there is some reason, like predator and prey.

Thank you very much for your help, I will ask a spider expert and hope that Piotr can help with the katydid.

Update from Louise:  Heteropoda venatoria
Thanks Daniel
I just got a positive Id from Ray Hale who is writing a book on Spiders of Borneo
Heteropodidae. It looks like Heteropoda venatoria
Any luck on the katydid?  Or shall I try and contact Piotr directly?

Location: Borneo

2 Responses to Spider from Borneo is Huntsman Spider

  1. I am not suggesting Heteropoda davidbowie but I am just pointing out that there are similarities.

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