Subject: Butterflies from Makira, Solomon Islands
Location: Makira Island, Solomon Islands
February 20, 2013 11:39 am
Can you help me ID the following butterflies/moths?
Image 1 – seen with damaged wing, day flying.
Image 2 – I think this is a Swallowtail moth? Seen resting in a rock crevice during the day.
Signature: Tammy

Swallowtail Moth

Hi Tammy,
We agree with your identification of the Swallowtail Moth, possibly
  Lyssa mutata.  The other moth is an Arctiid or Tiger Moth.  We believe we have correctly identified it as Euchromia creusa on the Papua Insects Foundation website.  There are nice photos of living individuals on Butterfly House.

Tiger Moth: Euchromia creusa

Location: Solomon Islands

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