ubject: What kind of spider is this?
Location: La Marque
February 18, 2013 5:44 pm
Found this spider outside on my car. Although the picture sort of makes it look brown. In person it actually looks orange in color.I was wondering what kind of spider it is.
Signature: Thanks in advance, Txfinest

Orbweaver: Araneus gemma

Hi Txfinest,
This is one of the Orbweavers in the genus Araneus.  It fits the description of Araneus gemma which BugGuide describes as:  “carapace and abdomen vary in color from gray to brownish purple. The abdomen has anterior paired humps and may have a medial light stripe that varies in length.”  
BugGuide lists the range as:  “Along the West coast of North America from southern Alaska to southern California and inland to western Montana” but that might not be entirely accurate.

Location: Texas

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