Subject: Sry for another request but I like to know the critters I shoot are….
Location: Ypsilanti MI
February 18, 2013 12:59 pm
This water beetle was in my pool last summer 2011. It was really cool to watch dive under with its air bubble on its back…is this a diving beetle? :/
Signature: Rachel R


Dear Rachel,
This is not a beetle, but rather, it is an aquatic True Bug, a Backswimmer, most likely in the genus
Notonecta.  Because of the painful bite, they are commonly called Water Bees or Water Wasps according to BugGuide.

Im glad Im askin cus Ive been wrong twice now lol Thank you soo much for the info on my critter pics :)) :)) Great site for bug info:))

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Location: Michigan

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