What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Subject: goldsmith beetle
Location: i dont know i got pic from google images
February 16, 2013 6:38 pm
dear bug man this is a goldsmith beetle and i don’t know anything about it but i want to can you tell me about it
Signature: bluebeetle

Ed. Note February 17, 2013:  The following email arrived less than 24 hours after the initial submission.
oh my god i sent 3 requests and you dont do anthing and it makes me sad because its my favorite web site

Goldsmith Beetle

Goldsmith Beetle (image from our archives)

Dear Bluebeetle,
While we admire your enthusiasm, we cannot post images that were not taken by the person submitting the image, or at least without the permission of the photographer.  Additionally, our tiny staff is unable to respond to every request we receive, and since we generally do most of our posting in the mornings, waiting 24 hours is not unusual.  You keep submitting requests with images taken from the internet, which is why we have been unable to post your requests.  You can use our search engine to research information on species we have already written about.  Here is a link to a previous posting on our site of the Goldsmith Beetle.  One of the three images of Goldsmith Beetles you attached is an image from our archives, though the file you grabbed from the internet is not the same file we posted, which indicates that either the original photographer posted it elsewhere, or internet pirates have pilfered it from us and renamed as well as resized the file.  “Images of friends” is not the name we used for the included image.

ooohhh  so i will take pictures instead how post’em though

Just submit the image using the form like you submitted this entry.  We control all the postings to our site individually so we can choose and closely monitor the content on What’s That Bug?

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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