Subject: Cacoon identifacation
Location: Ypsilanti MI
February 16, 2013 7:23 pm
Hi I live in lower southeast Michigan and am moving and see a few of these hanging in my backyard, Im wondering if you can help me figure out what may be hatching from them. Im a photographer and dont wanna miss it when they hatch, can I move them into my garage? Im thinking a big moth is what it may be :))
Signature: Rachel R

Mantis Ootheca

Hi Rachel,
This is not a cocoon.  It is the ootheca or egg case of a Preying Mantis and it will “hatch” into several hundred young mantids.  If you get a photo of the hatc
hing, please send us one for posting.  Don’t keep them in a place that is too warm or they will hatch prematurely.

Ohh cool I love praying mantis too, I will leave them be till It warms up then :)) Thanks so much for the info I was reallyy wondering what they were :)) Also glad that went thru, after I typed it I saw it said wouldnt work w iphones, but it didd 😀

Location: Michigan

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