Subject: Long, Thin, Light Green Bug
Location: South Africa, Western Cape
February 15, 2013 7:40 am
I have looked all around to find out what type of bug this is, but I haven’t been successful. I was wondering if you could tell me what this is. Please forgive the poor taken photo’s, but I was forced to keep it in a container. It is a very jumpy one. That is why I reckon it is a locust of some sort. It is currently summer here in South Africa.
Signature: – Interested Teenager


Dear Interested Teenager,
This is some species of Grasshopper.  It appears to be one of the Conehead Grasshoppers.  We need to do additional research on this matter.  Locusts are Grasshoppers that travel in swarms, so this solitary species would not be considered a Locust.


Location: Africa

3 Responses to Slant Faced Grasshopper from South Africa

  1. stho002 says:

    Looks remarkably similar to the recent post from Brazil …

  2. rjpretor says:

    Definitely Acridinae. Might be Acrida, Truxalis, or Truxaloides, but the stridulating apparatus needs to be examined.

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