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Subject: Worm found in my 10 month old daughter
Location: Davie, FL
February 14, 2013 9:34 am
Hi there,
Two days ago we had our kids in our pool and the baby who is 10 months old was crawling around on the top shelf of the pool. She had no diaper on and I noticed something kind of hanging out of her rear end. Upon closer inspection my husband and I realized it looked like a worm! He pulled it out and a worm about 4 inches came out. I took her to the ER with the worm (my husband put it in a plastic solo cup for me). They gave her some medicine to treat tape worms although, they all said they never saw this type of worm and half the staff was convinced its not a tape worm. I don’t think it is either. They kept the worm and sent it to pathology to be tested, and they still haven’t figured out what it is. She passed one more in her poop, smaller and dead that night when we came home. Nothing else since that I’ve seen. She hasn’t been out of the country. Has never been outside on the grass. She only eats baby food out of the jar and her formula is a hypoal lergenic formula as she has a severe milk protein allergy. The only animals shes been near is our 2 dogs (whom I should mention spend a great deal of time outside with our neighbors horses and with our African spur thighed tortoise). She’s never been near our tortoise. The dogs unfortunately do eat the horses and tortoises poop sometimes :-/. She has on occasion gotten a hold of their dog food bowls and gotten a piece or two in her mouth. We’ve actually relocated their bowls to an area she cannot get to before this even happened. For over a week now she’s had diarrhea, loss of appetite and has been more sleepy then usual. She has been rather cranky as well, which is all very out of character for her. I hope you can help us out. We’re concerned as you can imagine and just want to know what this is.
Signature: Concerned Mommy

Centipede or Intestinal Worm

Dear Concerned Mommy,
We are not qualified to deal with medical issues, and we believe you have done the right thing in seeking professional assistance in this matter, however, we will offer you our opinion.  The creature in the photo you supplied looks like a Centipede and not an intestinal parasite.  The appendages like legs and antennae are far too developed for an intestinal parasite.  We suspect your infant somehow encountered a Centipede that fell in the pool.  As far as her lethargy goes, we suspect that might have to do with the medication.  We would suggest you contact the ER to see if the medication they gave her would lead to her symptoms.  You should also take the second organism she passed for professional analysis.  We might be wrong on this matter, but we are giving you our opinion.

Thanks for the quick response, I really appreciate it. The lethargy and other symptoms began prior to discovering the worm and before taking the medication. The worm/centipede was literally pulled out of her anus (so sorry for bring so graphic). The smaller piece you see was what was hanging out of her rear, when my husband pulled it broke off. He grabbed the other piece that was hanging out of her rear and the longer piece is what he pulled out of her. I’d changed her diaper before then and there was nothing there. She was on the pool shelf just minutes before I saw it and she was right next to me. I can’t imagine it crawled up in her that fast without me noticing? Do you think iymt crawled in her?

Dear Concerned Mommy,
We are speechless on this matter.  We would love a followup email when the pathology report on the critter comes back.

Update:  Soil Centipedes reportedly passed through human gastrointestinal system
This is a real long shot, but it is not entirely unheard of to have passed centipedes. It is thought that they may be ingested along with vegetable matter. Geophilus carpophagus has been removed from humans before, and it lookd fairly similar to the one in the picture. Check out the book “Sanitary Entomology” by William Dwight Pierce. It’s an old one, but it covers a few accounts like this. I’d never have thought it possible if I didn’t read it myself. It seems that the species in Geophilus are the most “common.”

Dear sccabrian,
Thank you for this fascinating bit of information.  According to BugGuide, the Soil Centipede order is Geophilomorpha, but BugGuide does not recognize the genus you mentioned.  The book was published in 1923, so there are most likely significant taxonomy changes since that time.  We did a web search of “Geophilus sanitary entomology pierce” and we were led to page 490 where the following information is provided in columns:  “Disease …  Pseudoparasitism of nasal and alimentary passages by centipedes;  Causative organism …
Chaetechelyne vesuviana, Geophilus carphophagus, Geophilus cephalicus, Geophilus electricus, Geophilus similis, Himantarium gervaisi, Julus londinensis, Julus terrestria, Lithobium forficatus, Lithobius melanops Polydemus complanatus, Scutigera coleoptrata, Stigmatogaster subterraneus;  Insect transmitter … Same as preceding. [note Blatta orientalis]; Method of insect transmissions … Inflammation is caused in the nasal and alimentary passages due to the accidental entrance of centipedes, probably during sleep or in fresh vegetable foods.  Nature of Insect role … Direct attack.”  The book does not indicate if the Soil Centipedes are able to pass through the G.I. tract alive, but we seriously doubt it.  We cannot understand why “Same as preceding” in the Insect transmitter column has any relationship to Blatta orientalis, the Oriental Cockroach except that perhaps Cockroaches might also create problems if they are eaten.  Thank you so much for providing this information.  We don’t know what Concerned Mommy’s doctors will be able to do with it though.  If our understanding is correct, eating a Soil Centipede can cause Pseudoparasitism or false parasitism which is an inflammation of the alimentary passages.  For many years we have been claiming that House Centipedes are perfectly harmless, but the obsolete scientific name for the House Centipede is   Scutigera coleoptrata and it is on the list of causative organisms.  We will have to caution our readership that House Centipedes might crawl up their butts.  Sanitary Entomology seems to imply that introduction of Centipedes into the alimentary passages might occur from either end, “probably during sleep.” 

Update:  February 17, 2013
Oh my goodness Daniel :-/
To think that thing crawled up her nose inside of her. How terribly sad. I guess on the bright side (if you can call it that), its better than worms in her body. The hospital lab still does not have the pathology report! I spoke to them on Friday and they are just at a loss for what to say or do. They asked me to call back and check with them next week. As soon as that report comes back, I’ll be more than happy to share the findings with you.
I truly appreciate you taking the time to look further into this for me, and for communicating with me on such an odd occurrence.
Have a great Sunday!

You are most welcome Carolina

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Florida

30 Responses to Can Centipedes really Crawl up your Butt???

  1. sccabrian says:

    This is a real long shot, but it is not entirely unheard of to have passed centipedes. It is thought that they may be ingested along with vegetable matter. Geophilus carpophagus has been removed from humans before, and it lookd fairly similar to the one in the picture. Check out the book “Sanitary Entomology” by William Dwight Pierce. It’s an old one, but it covers a few accounts like this. I’d never have thought it possible if I didn’t read it myself. It seems that the species in Geophilus are the most “common.”

  2. aussietrev says:

    Down here in Australia when someone is being overly sensitive and irritable we often ask; Well what’s crawled up your butt?
    And now we know.

  3. Amelia says:

    D: poor baby! i hope she’s feeling better! aren’t some centipedes venomous? could a small amount of venom be the cause of her negative symptoms?

    • bugman says:

      Centipedes do have venom. We can only speculate on the potential of venom being the cause of the symptoms and we would have to defer to the medical community on that.

  4. Arianna says:

    Has there been any follow up from this story? I am quite interested to hear the results.

    • bugman says:

      We have heard nothing back from the originator of the question.

      • Roberta says:

        Please keep us informed on this matter…. just yesterday at a family reunion, I kept feeling something in my pants leg….. just figured an ant, but when I swatted it, it “stung” me. Of course then I thought a bee, which I am severely allergic to, so I hollered for my husband to take our 5.5 month old son so I could check the sting, and while we were checking on this, I still felt something crawling on me, a little further up my leg….. on the back side of my knee…. I was “stung” again. I kept pulling up my pants leg trying to find a bee to get it out of leg, but when I rolled my jeans up one more notch I found a centipede coming straight at my finger tips!!….. I showed my husband and we immediately went into the restroom and tured my jeans inside out,( after being bitten or “stung” 3 more times on my thigh) we finally found the small critter, it looked VERY similar to this one…… so now I’m wondering if maybe they’re somehow “drawn” to infants or if this is much more common than anyone could have ever expected. My case was the only one I ever heard of until my husband was researching what breed of centipede this was and cae across this story. As we read the story of the baby girl and her parents sick with worry, UNDERSTANDABLY, it was just all so “familiar” with our incident; the baby, the centipede, crawling up towards the private areas, the wet conditions, as it was raining all day during the outside reunion, etc….. and this little was SUPER AGRESSIVE!!!…. every time we tried to pry him off the pants leg it would turn and strike, when we smashed his head, he still tried to turn and bite!! very very agressive. I’m just happy he never made it to my baby son, or 3 yr old son …. or even my 12 yr old son for that matter. The sting felt just lie a bee…. very painful.

  5. Rob says:

    I (in my twenties) just removed a centipede from my bedroom, which got me interested in whether they can be parasites. My mom told me once that she found centipedes near me several times when I was young. Seems to much of a coincidence that other people also witnessed this. So I am very curious what the professional health care has concluded in this case.

  6. AH says:

    Interesting, I noticed a “millipede” virtually identical to that one in my toilet tonight, given the clear nature of it I assumed it had passed through me. Maybe it was ingested with a salad or the like…

  7. I had one go in my ear at night, and have been stung several times. Some I can see very well and other I can feel them but not see. I believe they are feeding off of me now, they go in every opening on your body, Im living this nightmare. Others need to be made aware of this.

  8. Please inform me and other readers how to get these centipedes out of our body. My father and I have centipedes of the type Lythobius Forficatus in our body. They leave insect bites on the outside of our body sometimes (they are nocturnal preditorial scavangers) suggesting they are on the outside of your body but they are not (only to reproduce). The only way to be sure they are inside is by checking your feces, they leave markings in which the centipede shape is clearly visible. They also make clicking sounds in my throat in the morning like with the woman in India that had it taken out by doctors. The doctors have done a colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, PET scan and CT scan but found nothing, only something in my throat but after checking with a camera again they found nothing. This is because the centipedes shun the light, they run away from it. They are about 1,5 centimeters long. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET US KNOW HOW TO EXPEL THIS VERMIN FROM OUR BODIES VIA THIS WEBSITE also for other people that have them inside.

  9. It is possible the Satanic Rockefellers with their eugenics program that have also tortured my mother to death with HAARP control them with Synthetic Telepathy. Hybrid insects are only there to cover up Synthetic Telepathy and the sending of ideas in your own inner voice with Synthetic Telepathy (Remote Neural Monitorring) and Silent Sound. The mainstream media is also urged to contact me to find a way to get these centipedes out of my and my fathers body. Please help!

  10. Fifi says:

    I too have a possible centipede-in-stool story. My fit, sensible 82 year old father called me yesterday to say that he’d watched a creature crawl out of the stool he’d just passed in the loo. It hadn’t all flushed and he was just waiting for the cistern to refill for another attempt to flush when he saw something moving. In utter astonishment he watched as this worm-like thing crawled up the near vertical wall of the loo, across the shallower slope of the porcelain until it disappeared under the rim of the loo. He flushed the loo again but the creature didn’t come back out of the water hole. He described it to me as darkish slightly gingery brown, about 3 cm long (just over an inch), equal width all the way up, about 3mm, and it moved as though it had lots of legs under it, though he didn’t have a chance to catch it and check if it actually did have legs. The thing that has astonished him most is that it had antennae, two, at the front, which were possibly 1cm long and were pretty straight, i.e. not curved round. I have looked at various photos of all kinds of revolting intestinal parasites, and of centipedes and millipedes and from what he has clearly described and I have found I think he had a millipede emerge from his poo. I have told him to go to the doctor tomorrow for a stool test to seek out eggs. About a year ago he had an episode of severe, urgent and explosive diarrhoea for a few days and since then his intestinal health has not been quite as it was prior to this, which was put down to some kind of gastric ‘flu. However I now think that some kind of infestation could have happened, possibly due to ingesting millipede eggs from salad (?) or something of that ilk. Any thoughts from this forum would be gratefully received.

  11. don says:

    I have a very similar experience that just happened awhile ago and im so scared right now… hows your father now? Any findings on what it is? Hope all is well.

  12. Fifi says:

    Hi Don,
    Sorry to say that although my dad did give a stool sample to his GP he still has not had any results from it. In fact he has not heard back from them at all. However, he has just had a blood test for his thyroid function, which was due anyway, and when he goes in to pick up those results he will ask for his stool test results too. It is about one month since he provided them with the stool sample, and one month is long enough for anything to have shown itself, so if we don’t get some results soon I will be following this up myself. My dad is in London and I am in Sussex, so it is not straight forward for me to demand things from his doctors surgery, but I will do my best if necessary.
    Can you describe what you saw? I know it is horrid and very disturbing, but it is probably worth writing it down in this forum, as you never know who might be able to either help identify the thing, or if not, like you have, report something similar, and anonymity is yours.
    I should add, if you feel well (as my dad does) that is a very significant point. Don’t worry yourself into feeling ill will you!

  13. William says:

    Hi there, I believe the guys that commented they have them because I have one in my nose right now an dont know what to do? Please , any help would be appreciated greatly! Have you or your husband been to Iraq or the mid east in the last ten years? I think mine are from being there because I have had a skin problem for ten years since I got back> Its been mis diagnosed so many times its hard to believe but finally a month ago I had flies growing out of me in my sores an I had hook worms so I started taking 400mg of albendazole . After taking the med for 15days the centipede just showed itself to me last night! Mine had 2eyes an I hear the clicking at night in my kitchen. So even though she shows no symtoms dont mean she is clear of everything an I say that because what ever this is , is very elusive ! I have a appointment w infectious disease next week an hope to find out something but so far the doctors an dermatologist Ive been to have not helped me at all!! I have read an researched every night trying to find the answers! by the way the meds im taking is only supposed to be took for three days an im on day 15.

  14. Peded-out says:

    I live in Florida and have seen and heard of terrible stories about these multi-legged creatures. One form, called “earwigs” are known to slip into ears and crawl up butts! A few years back I was outside doing the yard and was under a low hanging tree for close to an hour, afterwards as I settled down inside after dark, I began to itch, right in the middle of my upper back. I thought it a bug, so I swatted at the area, and the itching stopped, only to intensify later. I check my back and discovered a low bump. Assuming I had been bitten, I took it for a sting, so I made a paste of meat tenderizer and a little water and spread it thickly over the area. I expected it to sting a little, but it got increasing annoying. Finally after a bout 2 hours or so, I took a shower. A few minutes after sudsing and rinsing, I noticed a “pede” of some type in the tub, rather large too, and that spot on my back was open! Apparently it buried into my skin. Most creatures that bury in skin, lay eggs… so I put more tenderizer on the area, but nothing exited. I may have evacuated it before it had a chance to lay eggs. Recently, I saw something similar in the toilet after a general detoxing program. The other day, I was having some urethral itching. I went to the toilet thinking I may have a UTI after the detox, but when I urinated, in the toilet was a small almost transparent “pede” looking thing there. We are constantly being invaded by all kinds of creatures that creep and crawl… eeww! Keep hydrated and detox regularly is my two cents

  15. Feeling ill says:

    I have had severe abdominal pain for over 3 months now. Every possible test done but all clear. 2 weeks ago I passed what looked like string & what looked like bean sprout (neither had been eaten).
    I took photo to doc who prescribed ovex. These helped as I passed literally thousands of worms.
    I also passed a centipede type creature.
    I an back to full illness now
    Docs can’t figure it out .
    Any ideas???

  16. The centipedes are still in my and my fathers body. Several people have e mailed me with the same problem AND THEY WHERE MISDIAGNOSED AS WELL!
    The centipedes actually came out of their body and they make rattling noises in my throat which I have recorded (HQ) and you can find more info on my youtube channel, ulrichbchoffmann on youtube.
    A video of the types of centipedes that have entered and reproduced in humans (pseudo parasitic centipedes) is also found on my channel and the common house centipede is one of them. So do a bug check and never sleep in a house where you saw a centipede. They always travel in pairs and there is no cure yet. I offer a 150 $ reward for anyone with an effective cure. More is discussible.

  17. centi says:

    Hi just want to ask, can a baby centipide crawl inside your anus? Omg. Im getting paranoid. Lastday i was at the bathroom and i saw a baby centipede on my legs oh my god. And im seeing 2 baby centipede on the floor too, im afraid now because maybe they can enter into my anus…………can anyone here advice me? Thank you!!!

  18. Elad H says:

    Ok ,
    Another case of the same kind of centipede hapoened to us yesterday in the clinic. The same creature had crwled out from a baby’s butt.
    I can’t attach a photo here, but I have it on my phone.
    Such a mystery.

  19. Kathy says:

    We saw a tinny transparent centipede in a stoll of one puppy with diarrhea in Veterinary Hospital of one animal rescue in Canada. We confirmed by checking it on microscope. Everyone was shocked seeing this weird parasite! It looked different than regular centipedes, with rudimentary eyes and legs, but long tail divided in two equal parts – double tail, and segmented body. Tinny internal organs of that transparent creature were visible – intestines and other organs, there were not many. A head was very small.
    Are there any esearchers that know more about this parasitic form of centipedes?

  20. freakinout says:

    I am in shock of how crazy I sound when I talk anbout this with ano9ther person, so to tell my doctor I fret andi haven’t. this post is everything my thoughts are but others typing it.i hear clicking in my throat and feel like something is sitting/resting there perhaps relaxing and breathing almost. I feel it doing somresaults in my butt. I hear constant buzzing and when I feel like I need to go to the bathroom I rush and then when I sit down its a painful pinching and then the sumersaulting again. ive pulled hair out that wasn’t mine that looked like a rabit and now im wondering is this a carnivore. it felt like it were. but is it feeding on something larger and growing, somedays I feel like it left me, and its over, but then ill slumber and upon waking its worse then it was. like it returned while I was aslpeep. what is it? that’s the worst part. wand when its bad its really bad. and if it moves up my body I feel like im ripping and when I feel it on my back if it doesn’t sting me it feels like its burnig me or when I look there later there are markings like a scratch from a dog along my back but lots of times their horizontally cut and so thin like angel hair thin the only reason I even see them is cause I will feel it then get realllly close to the mirror and then I see it. but then I wonder if it is a scratch or if its the worm millipede thing cuz if I run it I feel llke it starts to moveish and come off but if it were a scab it would chip off and rebled it never bleeds it just like crumbs into a blackish blue looking resin substance I feel like its eggs cause their always the same size when I roll them up and it will be like a few of th

  21. Mary Rose Mejia says:

    im not sure if a centipede is inside my body, because when i was urinating, then i look at the toilet bowl, it has a small centipede, which im not sure if it came out of me, i always checked the toilet bowl when i am going to pee, but this time im not really sure, im scared, i read a lot of the comments, and it looks like there are no symptoms if you have it in you, also im reading about centipedes, they cannot repopulate unless their is only 1 centipede in your body, but im not sure if its only one, because the one i saw is a baby, i will monitor myself for 3 days, then i will get a fecalysis and urinalysis to be sure. this is frightening. 🙁

  22. Dawn Copell says:

    A few days ago I passed a parasite that looked like the thing in the picture. I do internal cleanses and took a probiotic. I also decreased my sugar about the same time. Early in the morning, I used the restroom. A critter that looked like the one pictured fell into the toilet. It moved for seconds. I wanted to scream. I couldnt find anything on the web that looked like it.

  23. Rebecca says:

    The living centipedes found in the toilet almost certainly crawled onto the toilet bowl and fell in. Centipedes do not have the ability to survive human stomach acid and digestive enzymes. The child in the original post and one commenter seem to have accidentally ingested the centipedes and passed the exoskeleton, hence the clear color. Young children put all kinds of things in their mouths, so I suspect that’s how she got it inside of her.

    Centipedes like to hide in dark places, but will avoid large animals if they can. They will occasionally hide in sleeves, shoes, or pant legs. When frightened, like when you try to chase them off your body, some species can and will bite (some are not physically capable of biting through human skin), and many have venom that stings. They are not climbing your leg to access your nether regions. They are simply too stupid to know the tunnel they hid in was human clothing. Rodents will sometimes run up pant legs, too, when they’re scared.

    The organisms that do deliberately enter the human body, like bot fly, guinea worm, etc., have adaptations for doing so, and there is substantial, not rare anecdotal, evidence of them doing so. The individuals experiencing sensations that feel like creatures inside their bodies should see their doctors but be open to other possibilities than infestation. If they’re insistent that it’s an infestation, evidence needs to be collected, like photographs of lesions, discharge collected into sterile containers and refrigerated until a doctor can test them, detailed diaries of diet, habits, and when the crawly sensations occur, etc. Very few doctors will take “because it feels like bugs” as real evidence of infestation, especially if there is no clinical/scientific history of that particular creature deliberately infesting a human, vs. accidentally being eaten or hiding in an open orifice. Detailed and complete data and evidence collection will help diagnose if an infestation is occurring and is simply very rare and to determine if there is another condition or conditions causing symptoms.

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