Subject: cocoon
Location: Lakefield Ontario Canada
February 3, 2013 11:07 am
Found a cocoon this morn attached to a cherry tree. It is quite large about 4 in. long and about 3 in. girth.It is brown in colour. I took it off the tree took some photos and then put it in a more secure location. I am most interested to know if it will survive our Canadian Winter and what it might be?
Signature: Delphine C. Patzel

Cecropia Moth Cocoon

Dear Delphine,
This looks to us to be the cocoon of a Cecropia Moth, Hyalophora cecropia, or perhaps the closely related Columbia Silkmoth.  Bill Oehlke’s Silkmoth website gives a nice comparison of the cocoons on the Columbia Moth page, which would indicate your cocoon is that of a Cecropia Moth.  The Cecropia Moth page of Oehlke’s Silkmoth website is a nice place for information.  Removing the cocoon from the cherry tree might have damaged the pupa inside.  Only time will tell.  Cecropia Moths have adapted to areas with harsh winters and the silken cocoon helps to shelter the pupa through the cold season.

Thank you so much for the ident. I took the cocoon off very carefully so hope it survives. I put it back in a secure spot so that it doesn’t blow away. I’d be thrilled to see the actual moth appear. It is very beautiful.
Thanks again   Including a few photos.

Location: Canada

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