Subject: Bed Bug
Location: England, suburban near London, my bedroom
January 30, 2013 6:29 pm
Hello, I’ve asked for a few bugs to be identified from here before :), you might remember because I have no high quality cameras, so i drew the bug in paint. I was just lying down to nap when I noticed this bug on the wall (a white wall but permanently in the shade) next to my bed, inches away from where my head would lie. Naturally, I have been freaking out however since I am also curious about bugs and love biology, I’d like to know what it is before I banish it, and hopefully its not been biting me in the night. (I’d also like to know if it does bite or cause allergies, if there are going to be more around!)
When I tried to catch it, using paper and a jar, it seemed to jump quite quickly straight underneath the paper that was supposed to be hugging the wall. I then thought the bug was dead as when I put it on the ground to inspect it I could manipulate it with a bit of paper and it would not react, for example I turned it over to draw the underside, however when drawing it the right-way round it started moving around very slowly, which suprised me, so I guess this bug ’plays dead’. Hopefully that information will help if the pictures don’t haha. It’s also very very tiny, like an eyelash folded over on itself. It seems hairy or at least tiny spikes, please let me know if you can identify it because, I don’t know if I can sleep now :P.
Signature: Nick

Carpet Beetle Larvae

Hi Nick,
Thanks to your thorough letter and excellent drawing, we believe you have Carpet Beetle Larvae.  They do not bite, but they might have a connection to allergies.  Carpet Beetle Larvae are common household pests that feed on natural fibers and debris such as pet hair.

Location: UK

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