Subject: Daughter’s find
Location: Perth, Western Australia
January 31, 2013 9:01 am
My daughter found this on its back and asked, ”Is it a monster?”
Up close it certainly looks that way with a prawn/lobster like head and beetle like body. It has two stubby front limbs that are flattened and spiny at the ends.
It was found in my back yard and aside from, ’what is it?’ I’d also like to know whether it is friend or foe (I never know in Australia, most things here will kill you!)
Many thanks,
Signature: Jeff

Mole Cricket

Hi Jeff,
This is a Mole Cricket, a subterranean dweller that uses it front legs to tunnel underground.  Interesting, exactly one year ago, submissions of Mole Crickets from Slovenia and Australia prompted us to declare the Mole Cricket the Bug of the Month for February 2012.

Mole Cricket

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for the prompt response, what a fantastic resource you run, I’ll bookmark your site and send you any more interesting finds.
Kind regards,


Location: Australia

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