Unusual Orb Weaver from Ecuador
Location:  Ecuador
January 24, 2013
Hi Daniel. I haven’t posted anything in a while so I thought it might be time. When it comes to ‘bugs’ you may have gathered that I have a particular fondness for the unique and unusual. So I am sending photos of my two favorite finds from a recent trip to the Ecuadorian Amazon (the second to follow shortly). This one is a tiny, rare and undeniably cute Orb Weaver spider called Encyosaccus sexmaculatus (Araneidae: Araneidaeincertae). The genus has only one described species and is native to the upper Amazon basin in Ecuador, Peru and Brazil. The bright colors suggest a warning (aposematic coloration). I haven’t found anything to suggest that they are particularly poisonous, so perhaps they are toxic or distasteful, or they may be mimicking something else that is. Regards. Karl

Orbweaver: Encyosaccus sexmaculatus

Hi Karl,
Thanks for sending us this positively gorgeous Orbweaver for our archives.  We found a few photos online, including this image from Arachnoboards.

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Location: Ecuador

3 Responses to Orbweaver from Ecuador: Encyosaccus sexmaculatus

  1. Juliet Green says:

    I’ve missed these!

  2. Joie DeVivre says:

    so pretty! <3 Love it!

  3. it’s hard to stop staring, it’s soooo beautiful. nature is amazing.

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