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Boris and Medea Luna turn Somersaults in the Aquarium
January 5, 2013

Boris & Medea Luna lock jaws.

We haven’t done an aquarium update in quite some time, so we are long overdue.  Boris and Medea Luna have been living in the fifty gallon aquarium for several years now.  They currently share the aquarium with a school of Rummy Nose Tetras, a school of Serpae Tetras, a school of Glowlight Tetras, five golden X-Ray Tetras, some Cardinal and Neon Tetras, six Silver Hatchet Fish, two large Plecostomus, two Indian Killifish (the only non-Amazon fish), a Corydoras Catfish and one odd Tetra.  They continue to spawn erratically, but the Tetras, which are really just small Piranas, always eat the eggs as they are laid.  Boris and Medea Luna attempt to chase the other aquarium dwellers away from the spawning site to no avail.  We stopped trying to raise their young as they were often deformed.  Boris and Medea Luna still fight and court, and Boris has bitten off her pectoral fins much like he did to Lefty many years ago.  Medea Luna is often the aggressor and she often initiates the activities.  Occasionally the Angelfish kill a Tetra that is moving too slowly, but the other fish have learned to avoid the Angelfish when they are defending territory.  

Boris initiates the flip.

The History of Boris and Medea Luna
Boris and Medea Luna, a pair of Angelfish, have been in our care since March 27, 2009, when we brought four Angelfish home from Pasadena Tropical Fish.  Within five days, we had a spawing, but three fish seemed to be involved.  Eventually Boris and Medea Luna proved to be the dominant pair and started to attack the other female, who we eventually named Digitalis.  She and her mate Lefty lived for several years in their own aquarium and they produced numerous spawning before dying in in 2011.  Boris and Medea Luna always lived in a community aquarium with Rams and Cardinal Tetras, and they protected numerous spawings from the other fish in the aquarium.  We always waited for the eggs to hatch before removing the wriggling fry with a turkey baster and raising the fry in a nursery aquarium.

Boris and Medea Luna flipping.

Here are Boris and Medea Luna on their second anniversary in Mount Washington.

Boris and Medea Luna lock and swim toward the surface.

Boris and Medea Luna begin a new cycle.


What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

8 Responses to Boris and Medea Luna engage in a battle of dominance and submission

  1. ZombieFlanderz says:

    lovely cichlids

    • bugman says:

      Thank you. We are continuing to write the posting to provide a much needed update. These Angelfish have been in our aquariums since March 2009 and they spawned within five days.

  2. Jack Dempsey says:

    Hello Daniel,

    I came across your site while doing some research on Angelfish and actually read through most of your posts about Boris and Medea Luna, Lefty and Digitalis. Awesome documentation about everything they do especially the breeding.

    I run a blog of my own where I try to help beginners avoid some of the biggest mistakes when getting started.

    I found much of what you provided very informational and helpful and will be sure to share it with my readers.

    If you like, please check out my site and if you find anything useful for your readers feel free to share. I have a lot of info on the Betta Fish, Filters and LED lighting.

    My site is http://www.tropicalfishcareguides.com

    Take care great site.

    • bugman says:

      Thanks for your comment Jack. At this point in time, Hector is the only Angelfish currently living in our two aquaria. Lefty and Digitalis died after several years of producing numerous offspring. Several years ago, after returning from a holiday, we found Boris’ mate, Medea Luna, dead in the aquarium. They fought so much, we couldn’t determine if it was a natural death. Eventually, raising young Angelfish proved to be too much, so we traded our stock for food and other sundry items at our local tropical fish store. Hector whose 7th Birthday is approaching was raised in our aquarium when his parents Lefty and Digitalis spawned for the last time in the spring of 2011. He now lives alone with a single Rummynose Tetra that has also survived for many years. The other aquarium is a community aquarium with Neon Tetras, Silvertip Tetras, Serpae Tetras, Glowlight Tetras, four Blue Rams and a Bolivian Ram.

      • Jack Dempsey says:

        Sorry to hear about all that. But 9 years is a great run for Boris. And yes caring for fry can be quite the task. Hope the new tank provides you with same enjoyment. Take care.

  3. James P.Ngo says:

    How about your Angelfish now?

    • bugman says:

      Currently we have one large male Angelefish living alone in an aquarium with one Rummynose Tetra. He was raised in our aquarium from a spawning between Lefty and Digitalis.

  4. Matt Hook says:

    Angelish has been with me since several years and their behaviour has changed since i introduced few bettas with him. Any idea what could be the problem? I have been looking for new betta tanks from https://inlandaquatics.com/best-betta-fish-tanks/. Any advice about changed behaviour or new aquarium would be greatly welcome.

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