Subject: What is this thing?
Location: Northern Illinois
January 21, 2013 4:54 pm
Found this bug coming out of a piece of grapewood that we’ve had for some time, but only recently placed in a very warm reptile enclosure. The origin of the wood is unknown as we purchased it from a retail store. We had to use a drill to remove it from the wood. We’re very curious as to what it is and if it is harmful to reptiles.
Signature: Michelle Larsen

Metallic Borer Beetle

Dear Michelle,
Because of the distortion caused by the plastic bag, we cannot be certain, but this looks to us to be a Metallic Borer Beetle or Jewel Beetle in the family Buprestidae.  Larvae of Metallic Borer Beetles bore in wood, feeding on it as well.  They have been known to emerge from milled wood and furniture many years after the trees have been cut.  Since you don’t know the origin of the wood, we don’t want to try to determine the species as we have no country of origin with which to begin.  We suspect your larger reptiles might have made a tasty morsel from this Metallic Borer Beetle if given the opportunity.

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