Subject: Critters wandering around my house
Location: Washington, DC
January 21, 2013 3:06 pm
We recently moved into a new condo in Washington, DC, and are seeing these little critters (I shan’t say ”bug” until I hear from the bugman!) wandering around. I scoop them onto paper and put them out the window without issue.
I think they’ve been coming in through cracks or unscreened windows left open, though it’s a bit odd that I’m not seeing any other types of visitors.
They seem harmless, but I’d like to know more!
Signature: CreatureWatcher

Eastern Boxelder Bug

Dear CreatureWatcher,
This is an Eastern Boxelder Bug,
Boisea trivittata, a species sometimes called a Democrat Bug because they tend to aggregate in large numbers in sunny locations, a habit that some folks have likened to political gatherings.  Eastern Boxelder Bugs are True Bugs, so you may refer to them as bugs.  We suspect you are finding them indoors because when the weather cools, Boxelder Bug, like many other True Bugs, seek shelter indoors to hibernate.  When things warm up, they become active and try to find egress to the outdoors again.  It seems very appropriate that these Democrat Bugs made an appearance on Inauguration Day.

Location: Washington DC

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