Subject: bug eggs
Location: Olympia, Washington
January 17, 2013 2:14 pm
Dear Bugperson:
On January 16, my fifth grade class found these beautiful clear eggs about 1 inch below surface under some rotting bark, but in actual soil. We were looking for subjects for a haiku poem, and there they were. Sorry there is not anything for scale, but each egg is approximately 3mm long. We would appreciate any insight you can provide.
Thanks so much,
Ms. Watson
Boston Harbor Elementary School
Signature: Ms. Watson’s Fifth Grade Class

Slug Eggs

Dear Ms. Watson’s Fifth Grade Class,
We believe these are Slug Eggs, and they look very similar to these Leopard Slug Eggs on Archive and this photo on Rural Ramblings.  Perhaps Susan J. Hewitt who frequently comments on our Mollusc postings will write in to confirm our identification.

Location: Washington

2 Responses to Slug Eggs

  1. Susan J. Hewitt says:

    These are indeed beautiful! They do look like slug eggs and are the right size. They are in the kind of place too. However, the snail and slug eggs I have seen are more round than these, which appear to be distinctly oval.

    Also I have never seen slug eggs that were this transparent and where the embryos were bluish like this.

    And its not a very big clutch of eggs for a slug, which usually would lay more than this, although that’s not necessarily significant.

    However, I can’t imagine what else they could be, so I am saying yes to slug eggs, but some species of slug I am not familiar with.

    Your students might enjoy this time lapse video of developing snail or slug eggs:

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