Subject: Blue wasp?
Location: El Paso, TX, USA; desertic zone
January 17, 2013 12:38 am
Hello, Bugman!
My name is Hector, and I encountered this interesting site few days ago when people in a famous forum were discussing a video of a parasitic worm getting out of a dead spider; freaky stuff.
Anyway, upon finding this site, I come to you with a request:
Last year, my mother told me about a curious thing she found outside, in my patio. Laying dead on a flower pot, was this insect, what appear to be a wasp. A dark electric blue wasp with oxide orange wings (I’m attaching 3 photos; I apologize with its current appearance, it laid dead on the pot for 3 days before coming inside (y’know, women)).
I found it during the spring wind storm season, mid-April or so.
I’ll be very thankful if you provide with information about this specimen.
Keep up this thing you do! Thanks for the site! 😀
Signature: Hector

Tarantula Hawk

Hello Hector,
We want to begin by complimenting you on the excellent photographs.  Since the wasp was not alive and moving, you were able to take advantage of the situation and “pose” the specimen.  You have excellent focus, depth of field and clarity.  The simple background and absence of shadows due to the flat lighting is very professional.  This is a Tarantula Hawk, one of a group of large spider wasps that preys upon Tarantulas.  Though your photos are exceptional, we prefer images of living Tarantula Hawks.  Female Tarantula Hawks which possess the stingers hunt for Tarantulas and sting them to paralyze them.  They then drag them to a suitable location for an underground burrow, bury the still living but paralyzed Tarantula, and lay an egg.  The larva that hatches will feed upon the living but helpless Tarantula.  The sting of a female Tarantula Hawk is reported to be extremely painful.  Adult Tarantula Hawks are frequently found nectaring on flowers, especially milkweed.

Tarantula Hawk

Location: Texas

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  1. David Steele says:

    We saw a Tarantula Hawk here in Signal Hill, CA. It was crawling on the pavement and seemed in distress. Never saw one before.

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