Subject: spikey green caterpillar
Location: Tucson Arizona USA
January 16, 2013 2:05 am
Hey bug man, found this little guy right outside the door of my house. Picked him up and placed him in the garden, but I still want to know what it is! Haven’t seen him around since. Think it’s the Hubbard’s Silkmouth, but I’m not sure. My roommate suggested this sight and is a huge fan. Thank you for any input you can give!
Signature: Mad in Tucson

Sphingicampa Caterpillar

Dear Mad in Tucson,
This is a Royal Moth Caterpillar in the genus
Sphingicampa, formerly the genus Syssphinx According to BugGuide:  “Eight species occur in America north of Mexico” and the caterpillars all look quite similar.  The Arizona Beetles, Bugs, Birds and More website has nice photos of two species.  The Hubbard’s Small Silkmoth is one of the members of the genus and is a very likely candidate for your species.

Location: Arizona

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