Subject: Beetle
Location: Magaliesberg mountains, South Africa
January 14, 2013 4:49 pm
Hi bugman
we found this plain black beetle in the Magaliesburg mountain on a hike in October (spring)
what is it?
Signature: Emer Mae


Dear Emer,
We thought we recognized this beetle as a Darkling Beetle we identified once before, so we searched our archives and found this posting of a White Legged Tok-Tokkie,
Dichtha incantatoris.  We cannot make out the legs in your photograph, but otherwise it looks identical.  Perhaps the white legs on your individual are hidden under the body, or perhaps there are other Tok-Tokkies that do not have white legs.  We are relatively confident that this is either a White Legged Tok-Tokkie or a relative in the same genus.

Dear Bug Man
Thank you so much for your quick, and detailed responses.
I am a Scout here in the South African Scouting Association and the identification of insects that I find on my hikes are very important to include when I submit hike logs and report back, etc.
I will definately be returning to your site, and advising everyone else in the movement to do the same!
Thank you so very much
Emer Mae

We aren’t always so quick or so detailed.  Your photos were very nice and they are a nice contribution to our archive.

Location: Africa

2 Responses to Tok-Tokkie from South Africa

  1. rjpretor says:

    Dichtha — Indeed. However, how do you tell D. inflate and D. incantatoris apart? I would retreat to genus level.

    P.S.: Thank you for getting the name “tok-tokkie” right! This is not a true tok-tokkie, but close!

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