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Subject: butter fly or moth?
Location: Tortunguero, Costa Rica
January 15, 2013 1:42 pm
Here’s a pic of 2 butter flies on a piece of pineapple. Can you tell me what kind they are? I am making a storybook of the trip and would like to include some info. Thanks
Signature: Steve

Leafwings from Costa Rica

Dear Steve,
There are two different species of butterflies in your image, and both are in the family Nymphalidae, the Brush Footed Butterflies.  After considerable searching, we believe we have correctly identified the two butterflies that are centered in your photograph as Leafwings in the tribe Anaeini.  After browsing through countless images on the Butterflies of America website, we believe we have correctly identified them as Tiger-Striped Leafwings,
Consul fabius cecrops, though we would not discount that they might be a different species in the genus or even a different genus in the tribe.

Tiger Striped Leafwings, we believe

We have also obsessed on identifying the partial butterfly in the lower left hand corner but our eyes have gone blurry in the process. 

Brush Footed Butterfly



What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Costa Rica

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