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Subject: Need insect identified
Location: East London, Eastern Cape, south Africa
January 14, 2013 3:51 am
Hi there!
I’m a huge entymology enthusiast, and I’ve been doing some photography and research of insects around my garden
I found this bizarre insect on a a lemon tree, it’s the middle of summer here, and I’m in East London South Africa
The weather was overcast, and after I got these two decent pictures, it started to rain. I would appreciate any help with regards to what this thing is, name, family, anything, my insect guide has no information on it, and I can’t find anything on Google as I have no leads. Thanks in advance!!
Signature: Simon Robinson

Immature True Bug

Dear Simon,
This is a True Bug in the suborder Heteroptera, and we strongly suspect it is in the family Coreidae, the Leaf Footed Bugs or Big Legged Bugs.  It appears to be an immature nymph, which might make identification to the species level more difficult as most identification guides contain images of adult insects and nymphs can change appearance prior to maturity.  The head on view might also complicate identification to the species level.  We will continue to research this when time permits.  Please let us know if you learn anything additional.

Yes, that would make the most sense! As I have many species of Coreidae in my garden, mainly Carlisis Wahlbergi (According to my insect guide, they are found in Limpopo, but I think it’s perfectly possible for them to have migrated down here, as there are many on The Gardenia) There are also few Holopterna alata and Anoplocnemis. and I agree that it is most likely a nymph of sorts, but from the nymphs I’ve seen, it doesn’t look related to any of the above mentioned. Otherwise, I appreciate the help!
I did some more research of my own, and I have suspicions that this may be the nymph of Leptoglossus Membranaceus, as that species of Coreidae, is a pest to Citrus trees, among other plants, given the fact that this was found on my lemon tree, I’d say the chances are pretty high that it is. But due to an inability to find pictures of a nymph of this species, I’m afraid I cannot say for sure. This has been lots of fun, and I hope we can come to a conclusion soon!
Kind regards

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Africa

One Response to Possibly Leaf Footed Bug Nymph from South Africa

  1. Robert Erasmus says:

    I read this post with great interest because I found a similar bug in my garden in Rietfontein, Pretoria, South Africa, during November 2013. The differences between Simon’s and mine ate that mine doesn’t have white marks on the legs and the two sharp thorns on the posterior of the body were not visible.

    I will post the photographs in a seperate message.

    Robert Erasmus

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