Subject: Beetles
Location: Ranca Upas, Ciwidey, West Java, Indonesia
January 10, 2013 3:06 pm
Hi Daniel,
I take these picture in a forest 2010, there are two beetles.
The first one with black and beautiful brushed like orange colored, I suspect that this one is a lady beetle but I’m not sure.
and the second one I don’t have a clue what is it.
Hope that you could help.
signature: Mohamad Idham Iskandar

Flea Beetle, we believe

Hi Mohamad,
The beetle you believe to be a Lady Beetle is most likely a Flea Beetle, which is a Tribe Alticini within the Leaf Beetle Family Chrysomelidae.  Though it is not an exact match, there are certain similarities between your individual and this photo from Encyclopedia of Life.  The other insect is a puzzler for us and we have requested assistance from Eric Eaton.  While it looks beetle-like, there is something about the eyes that does not seem right.  Do you have any additional photos that show the antennae or mouthparts?  That might help.  Where was this insect found?  Was it feeding on a plant?  Was it a lone individual?  Was it attracted to lights?  Please provide any additional information.  It almost has us thinking it might be a Hemipteran.

What’s That Bug?

Eric Eaton provides some information
Wow!  What a great birthday mystery for me 🙂  Definitely some kind of ‘hopper in the Hemiptera order (and you *can* see one antenna, under the eye on the left side of the image), but it is surely a mimic of a beetle, maybe even a lady beetle.  Don’t know where to start….Ooooh, I’ll e-mail this to the wife of the weevil expert, she might know 🙂

Location: Indonesia

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