Location:  West Java, Indonesia
January 13, 2013 3:06 pm
Hi Daniel,
Thank you so much Daniel,
I only took 2 pic of the strange looking beetle at that time October 2010 it’s rainy season here in Indonesia, I took it around this coordinate -7.136685,107.391701, the local name of the place is Ranca Upas, Ciwidey, West Java, Indonesia;it’s a camping ground with mountain, tropical forest, and mountain swamp all around. even though the local people use it it for plantation and crop :(.
I don’t know about what does it eat and is it attracted to lights because I took the photo using flash in the afternoon, and yes it’s alone individual.
This is the other photo, it’s a little bit to the left from the top;


But recently December 2013 rainy season here in Indonesia, I got 4 other species similar with the above from the other place but with different color pattern, around this coordinate -6.837636,107.751589 the nearest village in the south is Genteng Village, Tanjungsari, West Java, Indonesia. This place is a well preserved pine forest. I took the picture around 10 am in the morning. Same with the above it’s alone individual and for the size it’s relatively small;around 4-7 mm.


Wow Mohamad,
This is much a much more detailed followup from your earlier submission than we expected.  Eric Eaton has already confirmed our suspicions that though they resemble beetles, these insects are more likely Hoppers in the order Hemiptera.  It is interesting that there are so many individuals with similar morphologies, but different colorations.  We suspect that they are most likely in the same family, and perhaps that family is only represented in the tropics.  They might be in the same genus as well.  We hope to hear more from the expert that Eric Eaton wrote that he would contact.



Thanks Daniel and Eric,
Hope to hear the news about the ID of this bug, because they have this strange looking eye and it’s somehow similar to hover fly face.
Recently Dec 2012 I started to make a blog indobugs.blogspot.com the aim is to give information to the people about what kind of bugs here in Indonesia, because I hardly see sites about it;maybe my info could be useful for them, and your identification is really helpful… thanks again Daniel.

Congratulations on your Blog Mohamad.  We applaud your ambition.


Sorry Daniel a little of mistype the last 4 picture is from December 2012 not 2013 :D.

Karl provides a family, subfamily and tribe
Hi Daniel and Mohamad:
I believe most or all of these are Issid Planthoppers (Issidae) in the Subfamily Hemisphaeriinae and Tribe Hemisphaeriini. This includes 13 genera and numerous species, all restricted to east and southeast Asia. Most are very poorly documented online and photos are difficult to find, but similar bug photos can be found under species such as Hemisphaerius, Gergithus and Gergithoides. Regards.  Karl

Thanks a lot for the ID karl and Daniel, and also you gave me another wonderful sites to read.

Eric Eaton also responds January 15, 2013
Ok, Lois O’Brien got back to me late last night about the beetle-like hopper thing from Indonesia.  Apparently it is in the family Issidae, and tribe Hemisphaeriini.  Not much online about them.


Location: Indonesia

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