What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Location: NYC
January 5, 2013 2:02 pm
hello bug man!
I have been noticing odd seed like things in my bed for months now and debris that goes along with it. I have not included pictures of the debris but if it turns up I will. I have been also noticing hard clear tiny objects that almost look like a sugar candy, very hard to describe and no picture either, yet. Please look at the pictures of the seed like objects. I have no animals and I’m baffled and freaked out by these things. I would love to hear its sesame seeds but I do not believe it is because every once and a while there is a very flattened UN-natural version of it. I do not believe it is bed bugs because I would of seen evidence or bites or stains etc or exoskeletons.. the debris i have been finding are little almost flecks and dots of black brown and white. Like sugar crystals in a way.
Thanks if you have any idea –
Signature: MARIO

NOT Sesame Seeds, but Tapeworm Eggs

Hi Mario,
In our opinion, these are Sesame Seeds, though the largest object in the foreground might be something else.  These are not of insect origin.  Stop eating baked goods or crackers in bed.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: New York
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43 Responses to More Sesame Seeds found in Bed: Tape Worm Eggs

  1. elle says:

    i have been finding a few of these in my bathroom as well. I do not have sesame seeds even in my house. I have some sort of tiny bug infestation and a history of termites (the treatment of the first is still being neglected by the ‘handyman,’ the second has been treated, but there is still evidence of termites in said bathroom). I have collected a few of these to show to the bug person if one ever shows up. Then I thought if people can self diagnose things like brain tumors and tapeworms why not sesame seed looking bugs.
    So here we go- I am totally grain free, live alone (in central-ish California)- no animals either (well except for my bug and insect friends). These show up mostly near the door crevice -there is a crack here and peeling paint- also along the wall. A few times on the moist and peeling window sill (again along the crevices) and only once or twice have I found them in the middle of the floor. I don’t remember them ever being found in the bathtub or on the shelves, but then it is the bathroom and there were other things on my mind.
    I hope you can help, if you can’t maybe you can direct me to someone who can?
    Who knows maybe it is all a hallucination- too much bug spray and no bread and cake for proper emotional eating!?
    Here’s hopin’………
    Elle in California

  2. Debra says:

    I got news for you these are bugs. Mario needs to check his hairline at the base of his neck. Look for anything that looks like sore or scab. Are you starting to loose hair Mario? My guess is yes. They roll up your skin so slowly you may not notice it for months. Please don’t let it just go, go to a dermetalogist right away. Have a biopsy taken. It will come back as fungus at first, but ask them to do a more intense look at the sample of skin they take. This bug whatever origin also makes your fame of mind have mood sings. Please don’t let it go.

    • bugman says:

      No Comment.

    • ab says:

      Could you tell me what bug do you suggest that is?

    • Hmm says:

      Debra… any ideas what this is? I’m going for my second dermo app soon because the first one thought I was delusional. This is exactly what happens… sores at the back of the neck moving up and hair loss. These yellow things are all over and look very similar to the pic but not exact – I am going to insist on a scrape and biopsy but worried it gets brushed off again as nothing. What should I tell them to look for?

      • christi clifton says:

        Your not alone!!!! I will sweep and vacuum. .. after walking around i see them again….i also have black ones that almost look like “china berry seeds” with white dots….idk what to do…. that’s why I’m here…. among other issues….

    • Jonathan says:

      Debra, what you are describing does not exist on our planet. There are no “bugs” that “roll up your skin” or come from “fungus.” You are describing a fictional alien mutant that does not fit into any evolutionary line in existence.

  3. Randy Isenberg says:

    i have recently been finding a seed in my bed as well. they look like flax seeds. The first time i found it, i wasn’t aware if it was something i ate. since then i have not eaten in the room and they keep popping up. Am I shedding seed, or is it a sign from spirit? very strange phenomena happening. i do keep my window open, but it has a screen on it, so i don’t know what is going on.

  4. Lisa says:

    A few weeks ago i found little things that look like seeds in my bed also that look just like the picture that is posted on here. I do not eat in my bed, but i do have a small dog who sleeps with me at night. But these things have popped up recently like 2 weeks ago or so. I am very concerned on what they are, if they are bugs what kind of bugs and how do you get rid of them? Can they harm? I really didnt think about them at first much because they were so small and looked like little seeds so i would just dust them off and didnt pay much attention to them. Does anyone know more about these and how to get rid of them???????

  5. Terence says:

    I hate to break it to you but these are tapeworm eggs. The very first picture the large one with the cap on top and “polar plugs” the 2 small balls on each side of the top Go get an O and P test and get the 3 day one where samples over several days are collected

    • bugman says:

      Thanks for the confirmation.

      • Sharon Bradshaw says:

        SESAME SEEDs explained ( maybe)
        So I just found some info that may help identify the mysterious sesame seeds people r finding in their beds, random places in ur home or even ur car.
        also know as the flea tape worm or double pore tapeworm or a cucumber tapeworm ( in reference to the shape of it cucumber-seed-like PROGLOTTIDS, They may also resemble grains of rice. This is a cyclophyllid cestode that infects organisms afflicted with fleas and canine chewing lice, including dogs, cats and sometimes human pet owners.
        Also look up the I wrote in all caps. PROGLOTTIDS. tape worms have segments. I believe, correct me if I’m wrong bug man,
        Those segments can break off. When they get a little dry from the air, the sesame seed shape is more pronounced.
        Wiki= PROGLOTTIDS in this case are the individual segments of a tape worm.
        Each one comes with a complete sexually mature reproductive system!
        that seems like a lot of mass producing for one worm. I couldn’t find how long each “seed” takes to hatch or mature.

        Maybe this can explain why homes , work place and cars get so easily infested.
        I still think there is mold involved for the people that are getting skin lesions.
        There are all sorts of bugs teeny tiny ones that are attracted to mold. Microscopic ones.
        Maybe, if we work or live in, drive in, mold infested places( you may not even know U have mold) the mold becomes systemic. The mold is inside of you. There for ,the bugs become attracted to you. That would explain why some people find a vRiety of bugs. Some bite some don’t. Some people don’t feel bites just crawling. Some people get rid of the crawling but r still left with lesions. I believe these lesions maybe a fungus that is on the bugs that r crawling on people.
        Then there r people that r getting bit and feeling the crawling. they r unable to get rid of either crawling sensation or bites.
        Maybe some of the treatments only work on certain bugs. If mold is attracting different bugs to mold infected people, that could explain why some can get rid of the crawling / crawling and biting. But not the skin lesions.
        Not every person gets the lesions either. They may have bugs/ mites that for what ever reason aren’t carrying any bacteria/ fungus to cause the lesions.
        This is so confusing to read I know.
        This seems to be for many people an environmental issue. Meaning some place u spend a lot of time has mold. U r breathing it in.
        Ok. So thinking more about the tape worms, I haven’t paid SUPER attention to how many people that get the sesame seeds, also have pets. Years ago I recall seeing those once in awhile on these stray cats that had adopted our house. Unbeknownst to my hubby and I the previous owner of the house was called THE CAT LADY. Lol. Tho the house wasn’t stinky or beat up like a pet hoarder. We heard she would put pans of cat food out in her yard.
        They would come along with the skunks. In fact the skunks and the cats that still were around were best buddies 😬
        I would think mice and rats can get tape worms too. Right?
        There is so much debate about this invisible biting bug issue. Some think it’s morgellons.
        Tho I have read several stories about people that had a flea infestation FIRST, then they started finding mites.
        I hope this info about the sesame seeds helps someone.

        Again bug man, thank you for allowing people to discuss this growing problem.
        I know it’s not what ur site was made for.
        Your helping people find other stories like their own. After being told ur delusional by ur doctor, this validation from others is a HUGE emotional boost. For these people that are suffering.
        THANK YOU!

    • Sharon Bradshaw says:

      Ur right. Do u think it’s from the person or their pets or what.
      I know this post is old. Maybe some will respond.

  6. Linda McEleney says:

    Every few months for a couple of years, I have woken up with typically 3 clustered round, raised bumps that become very itchy. They are or turn red and are the size of mosquito bites, but for several reasons, definitely are not. The itch is also very slightly sore and each bump has a pin-sized hole in the center. They eventually turn into tiny scabs. I had never seen an actual bug. Fearing bedbugs, I had a pest control company come out. They saw no signs of bedbugs , debri or staining. They put a couple of glue traps under my bed. Nothing has ever appeared in the traps in the past 8 months. After getting “bitten” again, I went to a Dermatologist and was told they were not bites but rather bumps from dry skin. I find that difficult to believe. Anyways, last night, in bed, I felt something on my arm. After seeing what it was, I realized I had seen dead ones in my bed before. I had brushed them off before as seeds, likely from dog cookies. They look like the photo above except they are very dark brown, almost black. It is very difficult to see, but they may indeed have horizontal lines on them. Of course, I have no idea if they are related to my “bites”. From what I understand, if I had bedbugs, I would have tons more bites than 3 every few months. I would also see either them or staining. What could these bugs be and do you think they are biting?

  7. Aleta says:

    Help. for the past 2 months I was dealing with a crawling feeling on the back of my neck. I had and a small sore in the back of scalp also that didn’t itch but was there. Ive been feeling bites on back of my neck and when I’d reach back I pull of these hard whitish sometimes brown things. I got a small hive on my neck and redness in front of my throat so I went to Urgent car. The PA wanted to give me predisone and said he thought I had eczema!. I told him I had bites with little holes in the center after I scratched the scab. He gave me permethrin and antihistamine and kept insisting no hive! I used it on my head and body 2 x as recommended and It seemed to work for awhile. I still had the rash and I took a picture of the rash for 5 days after. I started collecting these whitish hard things and putting them on scotch tape and bagged them. I also hot washed my clothes, and used dryer, bagged the clothes I wasn’t wearing, vacuumed rugs, couch and mattress etc.! I followed with my doctor and she said I used the meds and they couldn’t see any lice and said the white stuff was dandruff. Ive never had dandruff and what about the bites? When said she could not look at what I brought in because she didn’t have a microscope. She said she has seen so many cases of scabies this year and asked if I wanted to see an Infectious Disease doctor to find out what was going on. I told her I would wait and see how I do with the meds. I am at a loss why this continues. I also went to the drugstore and did my hair again! In addition, I’ve been using dandruff shampoo, vinegar, coconut oil, olive oil. witch hazel and finally Hydrogen Peroxide which helped the most. I bought barbicide for my brushes etc. The white flecks have diminishing since combing my hair with the lice comb over and over each time but I am still getting bites and collecting this crap on tape, Please help with any ideas or what is going on? I don’t want to infect anyone! Should I see the ID doctor or a dermatologist? Thank you.

    • christi clifton says:

      Have you found out anything???? I have same problems but not crawling…its more like slithering….i feel ” snakes”…. but i see seeds after cleaning….or little white”cotton” fibers. … Im not crazy but could go crazy soon due to this

      • ross says:

        sounds like headlice!

        • Lynn Falduto says:

          no – I have my hair colored and cut every 5 or 6 weeks. My stylist would’t touch me if that were so. An exterminator has since told me these are common, harmless, “carpet beetles. They look nothing like a “beetle” so I don’t know if I believe that either.

      • CHRISTINE Disosway says:

        Any luck on what this is I am finding it all over the house on me and makes sores and I itch please help

      • Sharon Bradshaw says:

        It’s mold spores. There is mold in ur house. Bugs r attracted to u. Get a good air purifier. It will help with biting stinging crawling. Find the mold. Watch ur diet. Cut down on sugars and carbs. Some days r worse than others right? Look back at what u ate the last 24 hours. Sugars feed mold/ fungus. It can make u very sick. Use paper towels to dry urself. U regular towels maybe be infested with the mites that eat the mold AND the mold. Get a lint roller. Roll ur sheets pillow cases and urself before bed.
        Know ur post is old. But this may help others. Hoping ur getting relief or cured by now

    • Lynn Falduto says:

      omg me too!!! I have had eczema in the past and assumed this was now on my scalp! I also have small circular dry patches on my stomach and the doctor gave me a fungus cream for that. Everything is a temporary fix. I have NEVER found any in the bed. I find them on top of the carpet alongside the top part of my bed…not near the bottom. There is also a window on that wall. I have noticed the back of my head, just above the nape, is always itchy and the flaking is so embarrassing!!!

    • Frankie says:

      I’ve had the same problem with me and my dog…get a small hand held microscope, sold online- not expensive. My vet has insisted that my dog has dandruff… he doesn’t. The only thing I can find so far, so far, online, is something called “walking dandruff” (Cheyletiellosis), which is a parasitic mite, that affects many types of animals and humans. I know I picked this up from a neighbor. It is almost impossible to get rid of! I’ve been dealing w/it all summer this year and am ready to light my hair on fire. I’ve been most successful w/ a spray in lice product that I leave in my hair overnight, covered w/a shower cap- my hair turns really gross, because the eggs that are there- they are microscopic- are literally glued onto the hair shaft- are ungluing- and also like you said hydrogen peroxide. I’ve wiped areas of my body and literally had crap come off where it looks like I’m losing layers of skin, but its the gunk coming off. I use the peroxide on my dog also. He’s had several ivermectin treatments, and I honestly don’t know how to get rid of this. Good luck.

    • Ysbeth says:

      I don’t know if this helps but I’ve been dealing with a beetle infestation and at one point I started entertaining the idea that they were coming out of my scalp because that’s what it felt like. However, I finally realized that they were actually coming from the lamps and bouncing off of me and others. These looked kind of like rust at a juvenile stage of their development and were black as adults. They also have a wormy larva stage that ate into the carpet, wood, and clothing (GRRRR!) I had little things that looked like sesame seeds flying at me too but those turned out to be pieces of the drywall that were being drawn up to the cracks near the ceiling by capillary force (efflorescence). I was spraying a water/vinegar mixture around trying to kill everything and that, along with a few months of extremely wet weather, saturated my walls enough to cause the efflorescence which ended when I aimed space heaters at the walls and dried them out. I also had mold at that point and it might have been the artillery fungus that shoots projectiles. I say might because at around that point things got fuzzy – either the mold, pesticides, or possibly the beetles themselves were making me hallucinate a bit. At any rate, its all cleared up now (hopefully). The mold was cleared up by the space heaters and spraying straight bleach at it and the beetles seem to have been, finally, killed by the barrier spray for around the house (sorry but I actually found holes all the way through my floor when I ripped out the carpet and have few clothes left intact.)

    • Sharon Bradshaw says:

      Look up
      Walking dandruff. U can get it from ur pets. Or other people that having this problem too. Even trying on clothing at stores can transfer this bug. It’s actually a type of mite. All of u should go to steve betting fields FB site on morgellons. Morgellons is no more delusion than the sesame seeds. Many people with Morgs also find sesame seeds

  8. Cbwoman says:

    All of you people started to freak me out. Good news!!! I found some of these in my toddlers bed and I found out that they were coming out of his stuffed animal. It is one of those scented animals that I got from Bed Bath and Beyond. Please be sure to check on any stuffed items you have, especially if you don’t have any symptoms. I got luck, but good luck to all of you.

  9. Julie says:

    You all might have morgellons especially those with it in their hair. It’s not you’re hair anymore, and I think the critter is or is related to the horsehair worm that has been weaponized. If you don’t believe that bio-weapons exists, then you need to research Lyme/Plum Island, or read the book Doctor Mary’s Monkey (or go to youtube for explanation). We are all under attack here and it’s weakening our immune system so we are susceptible to these parasite, fungal, bacterial mycoplasmic co-infections. Get a jeweler’s scope and look at the hair that falls out on your shirt. It will have a white thing on the one end and if you watch closely, they move (some do). I’m still trying to figure out how to cure this. I am on an experiment regimen right now that includes: cabbage/pinksalt/distilledH20 FERMENT to restore the good bacteria and kill the invaders with Vit C/pink salt, GcMAF to get the macrophages working again and up the immune system which was probably destroyed via the gut. Glutathione patches to get the detox system functioning again. If you’re getting vaccines, you are causing yourself harm. Do not take antibiotics for this. You have to become the expert, the doctor because they are clueless and follow what the corrupt CDC says to them. This is an epidemic. I know many who have this by just looking at their clothing. Getting a lint brush and brushing body good idea too along with loofah to get skin and biofilm off. So much more to this. If you think anything that I’ve said is crazy, they don’t expect to ever find a cure for your problem. In addition those streaks the sky are from geoengineering and they are called CHEMTRAILS. Many scientists (independent of the corp mainstream, believe this MOrgellons is coming from them and the GMO foods etc. And these parasites LOVE EMF so try and get out in nature as much as possible. Bath frequently then thoroughly dry, even your hair. Cut it short for now if a woman. God bless.

    • Geraldine says:

      You are right about the hair thing and I have scabs that turned up on my head stomach breasts ankles face basically all over my body. From me scathing so much I got myself infected with MRSA! So I have to take antibiotics for now ! In one listens to me about anything I say I’m losing my mind! I’m getting depressed more and more everyday : (

      • Julie says:

        Antibiotics kill the good bacteria in the gut. IF you have morgellons, please do not take antibiotics. This is forced transhumanism. No sugar either and a clean diet …try a pink salt cleanse too and good nutrition. If you have parasites and they’re morgellons, they’re hard to get rid of. I’m experimenting on myself. If I figure it out, I’ll give the info away for free. my email is asheepnomore01 gmail account keep in touch.

    • Frankie says:

      I completely agree with you also… I’ve seen the white, red and black fibres also on me and my dog! And, they do grow and spiral up together!!! It’s creepy as hell!

  10. Christi says:

    It’s been over a year. The symptoms have not gone away. I have actually consumed more. I’ve noticed in my daughter’s bed the “seeds” now, and yes I know this sounds crazy, but I feel like my body is sucking up hair and other thread like material. Because my hair was down to my hips, it’s now to my shoulders and thinning. But if I get a sore (pimples mainly) it turns into a hard knot, and after meeting with it, long hairs come out. I sound rediculuos and I know this. But I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to. I have a spot in the middle of my back that feels like ice is being pressed against it, and there is nothing there when I look in the mirror. Several have an almost “dried minced garlic” look and shape. Then I have now noticed some the same size as “dried chopped onions”, like in onion soup mix. When I do have a sore on my face I literally feel it digging and pulling my skin. And I can use everything imagined on it, but nothing happens. It comes in a small circle, like a ring worm. And if I use a cotton ball on it, it sucks fibers out of the cotton ball. I had beautiful skin 3 years ago. Whatever this is has taken over everything in my life. I do not go in public. My 25 year marriage is destroyed, I’ve messed with these things so much I have scars, my family wants me committed, and I honestly hate being alive. I’m not a drug user and here is no mental illness in my family. I do however live on the Gulf of Mexico, surrounded by chemical plants, in Texas. Every day I clean. And clean. I have noticed that my cat has started to seeing whatever it is move. Because I feel it moving and the cat starts smelling or pouncing . I have seen what looks like a small fingernail. I do wonder if I am pulling out my bone, tissues, fragments, vains…idk I’m lost. My throat feels like it’s tight at times and as disgusting as it sounds, it feels like roaches are in there. I couldn’t ever get anyone to believe this. I know you are all thinking I’m a first class nut job. I don’t blame you. I wish this would go away!!!!

    • Frankie says:

      Try reading about Morgellons about the fibers. One of the “things” or parasites I’ve found has microscopic fibers with it. They are either very small white, some black and some red. On this site (whatsthatbug.com) look under the thread for “unknown parasite” and there are also a bunch of suggestions also about this same parasite which also may be Morgellons. There are many people dealing with this, so please don’t give up. Make sure you are drinking a lot of water, and I’ve heard that what we eat makes a HUGE difference also as far as how these things affect us. I’ve lost a lot of my hair too. My dog is having problems too (dachshund). He’s been treated at least 5x with meds. I’m just doing home treatments now. I’ve found that cleaning my skin w/hydrogen peroxide helps a lot. I moisturize w/ an unscented Neutrogena lotion, and use a spray on lice spray that I can leave in my hair also (one of the things I have dealt with are also microscopic, some sort of microscopic kind of mite that leaves the white threads also). The lice spray melts all of the things, and it washes out. Go read on that other page on here- there are may others dealing with this stuff- you are absolutely NOT alone…

      • Julie says:

        Frankie whatever the CDC now admits to what Morgellons is I hope you do NOT believe them. You have to fix your gut too. I’m doing a massive kelp.pinksalt.distilled water ferment cleanse (on 2 months now everyday 2 liters), a glutathione patch (fix the detox system) GcMAF (get the macrophages working again) and parasite meds (testing out many now found cure for that one YET)…then I’m onto figuring the nano fibers using magnetism. SSKI is also good for this condition. On Facebook there is a group called Morgellons: An Open Forum . Good resources. God bless.

    • Sharon Bradshaw says:

      Hi Christi,
      Frankie is right. It sounds like u have morgellons
      U r not nuts. Morgellons seems to be combination of mites and mold.
      Mold all by by Itself can cause feelings of biting and stinging. It’s probably part of what affecting ur throat. Bugs/ mites r attracted to mold. There is a lot too this. Drs won’t be able to help. If U do go see a dr. Don’t talk about bugs. Invisible or visible. They don’t believe bugs can do this. Talk to ur dr about a skin fungus. He can understand that. That’s part of what going on with u.
      The mites can carry all sorts of bacteria fungus…. everything. Even if got rid of the bugs, ur left with a fungal infection that needs to be treated with anti fungal for several months. Both the mites and mold can become systemic. Do u have a mold problem at ur house? Do u have birdsnest near or on ur house?
      Mites and tick bites seem to be involved. A lot of people that have this also have Lyme disease from tick bites. Mites can carry whatever ticks can. Also read about the fungus SPORO SCHENKII on wiki. Read the WHOLE thing Sporo schenkii is found world wide. It’s often found in wet areas. Swamps bogs in peat moss, woods bushes trees. Ur pets can bring it in the house. Ur pets can get it sporothrix from it. Or SPOROTRICHOSIS. U can get it from ur pets and vice versa.
      It creates lesions in ur skin and spread.
      The CDC denied the existence of morgellons in 2012 I think. But they r changing their minds a bit. They r now stating that some sort of AGRO bacterium is found on patients who think they have morgellons. As far as bugs or mites being involved they havnt completely committed to that. But they r coming around.
      They have been telling people they r crazy. Or have delusional parisitosis.
      Ur not crazy. Their r several great group sites on face book dealing with Morgellons. There is a protocol that steve beddinford has come up. U can read about how people r responding or not. It’s just a good place to be validated and respected.
      Everyone there can identify with the symptoms u r dealing with. Look for mold in ur house. The attic or crawl space. Check ur AC filters and dehumidifier filters. Even the furnace filter. R u noticing more dust in ur home? And little hairs too?
      So think mold and mites.
      Those little pimples with white heads aren’t acne. They r part of morgellons
      Hang in there. Go to FB sites. Steves has the most science going on. Lots of photos to compare to urself.
      See u there.

    • Jonathan says:

      I know nobody wants to hear this, but you’re describing the symptoms of delusional parasitosis. There are no cockroaches that live in bodies or anything like that. This is a well documented mental illness.

      This doesn’t mean you’re “just crazy” though, you have to break out of that mindset. Our entire perception of reality, smells and sights and physical sensations, is something created in our brains. Our brains are complex, delicate organs, and they get sick, and it breaks your perception. That absolutely constitutes a REAL illness, not just a “nut job.”

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