Identification Request: Beetles on side of refrigerator
Location:  Pacific coast of Mexico
January 6, 2013
Hi Daniel,
I found this circle of beetles on the side of my fridge this morning. I’ve looked a lots of photos of beetles on Google Images, but haven’t found any that look like these.  I live on the Pacific coast of Mexico and have an organic farm, mostly coconut and fruit trees. I try to grow as much food as I can, for personal consumption but there are so many insects that it’s very difficult to grow veggies organically. I don’t remember having ever seen these bugs before.
I appreciate your help.

Hatchling Hemipterans

Hi Dobie,
Please use our standard form each time you send a request as it contains all the necessary information we need to make a posting.  These are not beetles.  They are hatchling Hemipterans or True Bugs.  There is not enough detail in your photo for us to provide a family or species identification.

Location: Mexico

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