Subject: what is this bug?
Location: St Lucia, Kwazulu Natal, East Coast, South Africa
December 31, 2012 12:36 pm
I found this on a walk through a butterfly santuary
Signature: any

Unknown Robber Fly

Dear any,
You submitted two nearly identical emails, and on the first you stated:  “I found it inside a butterfly dome.”  Between your two emails, we are concluding that this was an enclosed structure with butterflies, in which case this unknown Robber Fly might present a bit of a problem.  Robber Flies are predators that take prey on the wing, and we suspect this individual might be preying upon butterflies in the enclosure.  We haven’t been able to identify which species of Robber Fly this is, but hopefully we will eventually be able to provide a species.

Location: Africa

2 Responses to Unknown Robber Fly from South Africa

  1. stephanjvv says:

    It was in fact found inside the sanctuary dome.

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